The new version of IntelliJ idea 2020.3 is released without activation code


Recently, a classmate told me: boss, idea 2020.3 doesn’t need an activation code. It’s refreshing.

I was shocked~

Software name:
IntelliJ idea 2020.2.4 flagship enhanced Chinese / English activation free green version (with Chinese setting steps)
Software size:
Update time:
2020-11-27Download now

I wonder if the JetBrains team has done good deeds. However, after reflection, how can it be possible for foreigners to develop such useful tools to make money? Foreigners will not do business without making money. Historical experience and lessons have proved that it is impossible~

The final confirmation is EAP version, as shown in the figure below

Details of the chat are shown in the figure below

To put it bluntly, this is an Oolong game. This little friend didn’t make clear several versions of idea. Let me tell you more about the differences among the three versions?


: community version, completely free, but with limited functions, Android studio is customized based on this version.


: free version of the ultimate version, free, unlimited features, but can only be used for 30 days, if you want to continue to use, you need to reload every 30 days.


: the ultimate version, charging, expensive, unlimited features, also has a 30 day trial period.

Students who are not clear, remember to take notes

No, I specially downloaded 2020.3 for this article   Eap7 version, to be honest, idea is really powerful. I have to praise it. I have always been a loyal user (after all, I spent money)^_^

Let’s take a look at its recent release record. You will find that EAP version 2020.3 has been released seven times, and the update frequency is really high~

We iterated four versions in October, which is fast enough for a tool software~

Next, we will focus on the new features of eap7.

The new version is more convenient. You can directly install plug-ins and configure related parameters~

1. Set the default open program for a file type

This is a newly added function. How to configure it?

Open preferences | settings / Editor / file types, and click the button: Associate file types with IntelliJ idea… To set it, as shown in the figure below

Select the file type to be opened by default in the dialog box.

Restart and it will take effect.


This time, the UX used for decompressing method refactoring is updated. Select the code fragment to extract, and refactor the method by pressing the shortcut key Ctrl + Alt + m (⌥⌘ m). Idea will refactor automatically, and it will no longer pop up as before. If you think the method name is not good, you can click the set button on the right side of the generated method to modify the corresponding method name. You can see it in the figure below


This version supports downloading pod logs and using them locally. You can open the downloaded pod logs in the idea editor.

At the same time, it also supports quick deletion of kubernetes resources. Click the trash can icon in the left pane of the services tool window, or select Delete resource from the context menu.

It also supports “open console” and “run shell”, as shown in the figure below

CRDs can also be loaded from kubernetes. The CRD pattern provides a set of rules for creating kubernetes resources. Currently, CRDs can be loaded from files or URLs.


This release introduces support for kotlin’s structured search and replace (SSR) operations, which allows you to find and replace code patterns, taking into account the syntax and semantics of the source code.

This version of the new features are basically these, interested students, you can go to experience, anyway, you can play for 30 days, white whoring for 30 days, very fragrant ~ finally, how many small partners have been poisoned by idea?