The new start menu interface of win10 20h2 version is undergoing fillet transformation


As we all know, internally, Microsoft has been reorganizing the windows and azure teams. As part of the restructuring, Microsoft is bringing more windows 10 development teams under the leadership of Panos Panay, the head of the surface series. According to sources, these internal changes may greatly improve the windows operating system.

We know that Microsoft is seeking to redesign the iconic start menu in Windows 10 through the 20h2 version, and now the company has also begun to design a new rounded appearance for the operating system.

In the past few weeks, Microsoft has pushed the updates of windows 10 photo application, windows calendar, windows maps, movies and TV, notes, and even calculators, and made new changes.

Photo application fillet design

When you open the context menu with a right-click, you notice subtle changes in the appearance of these applications.

These new changes are in contrast to MacOS Big Sur, which also uses rounded corners in the design language, but Microsoft’s implementation will be more subtle due to the existence of fluent design.

Movie application fillet

One year after Microsoft promised to provide fillets for the default control styles in XAML applications, this design update has arrived with the goal of making common controls consistent and available in all windows 10 applications.

Calculator fillet

It is believed that Microsoft is also making design improvements for the desktop based “Start Menu” and “operation center”. The start menu and operation center of “winui” are mentioned in the preview version of the new version of windows 10.

What is winui? It home learned that, in short, winui is Microsoft’s latest interface platform and will be used in Windows 10x and surface Neo. It can also be used by developers. The platform enables developers to easily build a modern and seamless user interface and feel natural on all shape devices.

Winui also uses fluent design, including transparency, fillet, etc., to give windows more visual effects.

This new interface fillet appearance is still in the development and testing stage, so I don’t know whether and when it will be really implemented in the core area of windows 10 (such as the start menu).

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