The new function of MacOS Big Sur 11.3 brings the handle simulation function of IOS application to M1 Mac


Foreign media macrumors reported that in the process of MacOS Big Sur 11.3 beta, Apple has been improving and improving the running mode of iPad and iPhone app on M1 Mac. In the latest beta,Apple has added game controller simulation function to M1 device, allowing keyboard or combination of keyboard and mouse as game controller.

When running iPhone or iPad applications, open preferences and a touch substitution and game control interface will appear, which can be used to make touch based iPhone and iPad applications run better under MAC control.

When “controller simulation” is checked, common game controller buttons will be mapped to keyboard keys and mouse keys

For example, X is mapped to Q, the steering rod is mapped to WASD, and Y is mapped to E. L1 and L2 can be accessed by pressing tab and shift, respectively, while the spacebar is the a key.

Controller emulation allows iPhone and iPad games with built-in controller support to accurately control these games with the keyboard and / or mouse when playing on the M1 Mac. This function is designed for those who do not have a game controller, because if there is a controller, you can play by connecting the controller.

macOS   The beta version of Big Sur 11.3 also includes the touch substitute panel mentioned above, which is used to map touch based functions such as click, slide, drag and tilt to keyboard keys. It also has a function to make the application window of iPhone and iPad larger.

The controller simulation and touch substitution functions work independently of each other, and only one of them can be enabled at a time.

We learned that in terms of game controller support, many Sony and Microsoft controllers are compatible with M1 Mac, and the beta version adds support for the latest Playstation 5 and Xbox series X controllers.

The above is an introduction to the new game controller simulation function in Apple’s Mac OS Big Sur 11.3 preview. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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