The most wonderful SAP user in the history of spring story in 2020


The most wonderful SAP user in the history of spring story in 2020


In January 2020, a peer told me that he had a friend who wanted to find a Senior SAP part-time consultant to help solve the problems in the use of SAP system. Ask me if I’m interested. If I think I can go and have a look, I’ll say I’m interested. So the colleague took my resume and recommended it to the other side.


Before the Spring Festival, I received a phone call from the other party claiming to be the supply chain director of a foreign manufacturing factory (here referred to as factory s). In this article, I will call him director B. Director B said that they have implemented sap in their factory in Suzhou, and need to find a Senior SAP Consultant in Suzhou to provide technical support for their SAP system users. They only work one day a week, which means they can make an appointment to have a face-to-face chat. I said OK.


After the Spring Festival, the epidemic of pneumonia began to rage, and the resumption of work was delayed. Director B failed to contact me until February 17, when he called me to meet the next day. The author is very surprised, s factory so hard, so early back to work, so strong!


The next day, I got up early. After breakfast, I drove to factory s, which was in a factory cluster in the high tech Zone. The scale of factory s is very small. There are many manufacturing enterprises of various types in the office building. After I entered their office, director B received me personally. He introduced to me the implementation of sap in factory s and the use of the system after its launch, and said that the system came to Suzhou factory from its headquarters, rollout. At that time, he invited a consulting company in Shanghai to do it, and spent more than 500000 yuan… I was greatly surprised and thought to myself: NIMA, which consulting company of Party B has no bottom line and no morality? It only costs more than 500000 yuan to implement SAP system for factory s! Too much, you are the scum in SAP consulting industry. You’ve ruined SAP consulting business! I listened to each other’s story without moving my face. Then I introduce myself and tell him my work experience in SAP industry. Then director B called the key users of their warehouse and production department to introduce their frequent problems to me, let me help diagnose them, and give a preliminary suggestion.


So this morning, I was in a conference room with several key users to review the issues. For some of these problems, the author will soon know the reasons and solutions. For some requirements that cannot be supported by the system, it is suggested to do secondary development. More than 11 a.m., the preliminary communication is over, and key users are going to be busy with their own business. I went back to director B’s office and reported back to him the problems encountered by the business and the solutions I proposed. It can be seen that director B is still quite satisfied with me, saying that I should go back first, and then they can discuss and see how to cooperate in the future. I said OK, and then go home first, and continue to live in isolation.


After waiting for 2 days, I didn’t reply. I thought it was over. On the morning of the third day, the other side gave me wechat, saying that they had discussed it over and over again and were satisfied with me. I hope they can maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with me. I said yes. He asked about my price. I quoted him the price of SAP Freelander. He said it’s too expensive, and that their manufacturing industry is very difficult, their profits are very thin, and our cooperation will be long-term. I hope I can lower the price again. I said the lowest price is 1800 per day. He said he still couldn’t accept it. He said he hoped to cooperate with me at the price of 800 yuan per day, and he could work in the factory for one day at the weekend. I said that this price is the price of a consultant who has just graduated from school for one or two years. I can’t accept it. Finally, after some bargaining, we talked about 1200 RMB per day. Nima, I provide SAP consulting service to their factory, and the price can be as low as 1200 yuan per day?! I hate that I have no bottom line. I hate those people and things in the industry most. I want to use weekend time to work for one day, so I think it’s better to work as a part-time job to earn some pocket money and living expenses. This job is really better than nothing! The other side agreed with me and said that they would prepare a simple contract text. Let me have a look first. If there is no problem, take the time to sign it. It seems more formal. I agree.


The next day, I received his wechat, saying that the contract text was ready, and sent it to me to have a look. I opened it, silly, I still remember! The core terms of the contract say that let me help provide technical support for the five modules of SAP ficommppsd, as well as support for SAP local financial package. God, you are looking for an SAP all, but your price is only 1200 yuan per day! You are not looking for help, but you are insulting SAP consultants! I said I can only do logistics modules, such as mmsdpp. I don’t understand FICO at all. I’m not suitable for their factory requirements. He replied, think again. So far, I have no interest in this project. Of course, he didn’t come to me after that.


Through this experience, I can’t help but sigh that it’s really the largest in the world. I know that the sap consulting industry is now in decline, and the treatment of employees is not as good as one year. Compared with other industries, the sap consulting industry has no advantages and superiority. It’s not surprising that factory s can reduce the price of SAP consultation to such a low level: it can spend more than 500000 yuan to implement the five core modules of SAP system, and then it wants to invite an all-around sap to do operation and maintenance at a price of 1200 yuan per day. This is because it is too exaggerated, too far fetched, and too much for tenima. There is really no minimum, only lower. This event also showed me that SAP consulting industry, which I had never seen before, has gone down to 18 hell levels.


S factory is really a super wonderful SAP system user. And the user of SAP system was met by me in the spring of 2020. In addition to the pneumonia epidemic in January 2020, 2020 is really a bad year to start!


Written in Suzhou on March 24, 2020.