The method of using Ajax to submit form in lavarel framework


About laravel:

Laravel is a concise and elegant PHP web development framework. It can free you from the messy code like noodles; it can help you build a perfect network app, and each line of code can be concise and expressive. “Development” should be a creative mental work, not a boring “code base”.

Let’s get to the point, because laravel needs to add{{csrf_field()}}Prevent cross site attacks, so when you submit a form with Ajax, you should add it.

I read a lot of solutions on the Internet. I use the following methods to solve this problem:

1. First, add a meta to the template:

<meta name="_token" content="{{ csrf_token() }}"/> 

2, and then add

headers: {
'X-CSRF-TOKEN': $('meta[name="_token"]').attr('content')

This is the Ajax method. I found a very useful jQuery function, $(). Serialize() and $(). Serializearray(), which I used in the code. I can get the data in the form form form and transfer it directly through Ajax. It’s amazing!!! (I’ve heard so little about it that you can laugh at it.)

    var data = $(form[1]).serializeArray();
    // console.log(data);
      headers: {
  'X-CSRF-TOKEN': $('meta[name="_token"]').attr('content')
        if (msg) {
          $('.basicShow span').html(data[1].value+' | '+data[2].value+' | '+data[3].value+' | '+data[4].value+'<br>'+data[5].value+' | '+data[6].value+' | '+data[7].value);
    // event.preventDefault();
    return false;

3 then get the data in the controller method. Go to $req – > your form name

public function basic(Request $req){
   // return $req->gender;
   $uid = Auth::user()->uid;
   // return $uid;
   // $inf = new \App\Info;
   $inf = Info::where('uid',$uid)->first();
   // return $inf;
   $inf->name = $req->name;
   $inf->gender = $req->gender;
   $inf->topDegre = $req->topDegre;
   $inf->workyear = $req->workyear;
   $inf->tel = $req->tel;
   $inf->email = $req->email;
   return $inf->save()?"ok":"fail";


I think every step I say is necessary!!!. the code in my callback function is to reprint the data obtained in the form. What I don’t need can be ignored. Then the code will look at it. It’s provided by a PHP beginner