The method of setting shared files in LAN


In our daily work, we often work together to accomplish some things. If we don’t set up a shared file, we need to use other tools such as USB flash disk to transfer data, which is very troublesome and time-consuming. At this time, the setting of shared files in the LAN is particularly important, but for many computer Xiaobai, LAN sharing is a headache, and Yu Dou used to be the same, but after a period of exploration, it finally solved the problem. Today, I will post a detailed picture and text tutorial, hoping to help you:

The method of setting shared files in LAN

1、 Change the computer name and set up the same workgroup. myRight click computer icon – properties – computer name – change。 In order to prevent the occurrence of duplicate names in the local area network, we must change different names. Yu Dou here is set to today to keep the working group name by default.

2、 MyRight click computer icon – manage – Computer Management – local users and groups – manage, change administrator user name, the computer knowledge learning network is changed to Yudou here. After the modification, click in the blank with the mouse and the modification is successful.

3、 To set the IP of your own computer, you need to set the IP of all the computers that join the working group in the same network segment, because the general computer automatically obtains the subnet mask and DNS resolution. The specific acquisition methods of subnet mask and DNS resolution are as follows:Start – run CMD, then enter and enter at the command promptipconfig/allAfter entering, you will get the following data:

Fill these data into our TCP / IP attribute (open mode:Network neighborhood – view network link – right click local connection – properties – internet protocol (TCP / IP))

4、 Input in operationservices.mscEnter to open the service, findServerService, start this service (the default is generally self starting):

VStart – Set – control panel – Firewall – close

6、 Input in operationsecpol.mscEnterLocal security settings – local policy – Security OptionsDisable “network access: do not allow anonymous enumeration of SAM accounts” and “account: only console login is allowed for local accounts with blank password” respectively

Disable network access: allow anonymous enumeration of SAM accounts

Disable “account: only console login is allowed for local accounts with blank password”

SevenDouble click my computer to open Explorer – tools – Folder Options – View, remove the tick before “use simple folder sharing”:

8、 Set the shared folder or the shared drive letter (disk D is set as the shared drive letter here, of course, you can set any folder in the disk as the shared file) and open itMy computer – right click D disk – sharing and security – left click to open

9、 After the above two chapters, we can access the computer today in other computers in the LAN. Double click the network neighborhood in the host – click to view the computer of the working group, double-click to take today, and enter the remaining account name Yudou (set in step 2) in the login box. Because the password is empty, you do not need to enter the password, and click OK to access our shared file!

The above is a picture and text tutorial of LAN shared file setting method brought to you by Xiaobian. I hope it can help you. If you want to learn more, please pay attention to developpaer!