The Method of Running QQ For Linux under Freebsd


Must satisfy:

1 FreeBSD version is more than 6.0, FreeBSD 5 is not tested
2 The linux_base installed in the system can not be FC4 version, that is, linux_base-fc-4, and the others can be (linux_base-fc6 linux_base-f7 linux_base-f8 can be)


1 Add in / boot / loader. conf


Of course, if there are any modifications.

2 Add in / etc / sysctl. conf


Of course, if there is a change, it does not have to be 2.6.16 as long as 2.6.8 or more.

3 Add in / etc / rc. conf


Of course, if there are any changes.

4 Install a favorite linux_base (linux_base-fc6 linux_base-f7 linux_base-f8)
It can be installed with pkg_add-r or ports.
They are

5 hang Linux file system, add in / etc / fstab

linprocfs /compat/linux/porc linprocfs rw 0 0

Of course, if there are any changes.
6 Install linux-expat

7 Install linux-fontconfig

8 Install linux-xorg-libs

9 Download my QQng-Freebsd.tar.bz2 and extract it to / compat/linux/opt
bzcat QQng-Freebsd.tar.bz2 | gtar -xvf – -C /compat/linux/opt

10 to TX officially download the tar.gz version of QQ For Linux and extract it to / compat/linux/opt/QQ/bin

11 run / compat / Linux / opt / QQ / run – QQ. sh

12 If you can’t enter Chinese, enter the following commands
/compat/linux/usr/bin/localedef -i zh_CN -f UTF-8 zh_CN
/compat/linux/usr/bin/localedef -i zh_CN -f GB2312 zh_CN
/compat/linux/usr/bin/localedef -i zh_CN -f GBK zh_CN
/compat/linux/usr/bin/localedef -i zh_CN -f GBK18030 zh_CN

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