The method of installing mind map software XMIND in CentOS system


When it comes to open source, cross platform mind mapping software, you may first think of FreeMind. Today, I’m going to introduce another mind map software that is also open source and cross platform, which is XMIND. As far as my trial is concerned, XMIND is no inferior to FreeMind in terms of function. In some aspects, XMIND has even more advantages.
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XMIND is characterized by a variety of structural styles, not only map, but also org, tree, logic chart, fishbone, etc. At the same time, in XMIND, in addition to flexible customization of node appearance and insertion of icons, there are many styles and themes to choose from.

In terms of format support, you can import the file formats of FreeMind, MindManager and other software, including XMIND’s own format; the output supports text, image, HTML, etc.

The emphasis on sharing is another feature of XMIND. The website itself is a platform for sharing mind maps. In XMIND, you can upload mind maps you want to share directly.

XMIND includes stand-alone version and plug-in version for eclipse. It can run on Linux (including 64 bit), Mac OS X and windows platforms.

Here’s how to install XMIND on CentOS
1. Log in XMIND official website and download DEB installation package:
2. Decompress the DEB package data.tar.gz and control.tar.gz Two archives
3. Decompression data.tar.gz , get a usr folder, copy the Lib / XMIND folder under this folder to the / opt / folder, move the share sub folder to the / usr / folder and merge with the existing share folder. The order is as follows:

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The code is as follows:

cp -r usr/lib/xmind/ /opt/
cp -r usr/share/ /usr/

4. Decompression control.tar.gz , execute the extracted postinst file:

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The code is as follows:


5. Edit / usr / share / applications/ xmind.desktop The contents of the file are as follows (only exec and icon are modified)

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The code is as follows:

vim /usr/share/applications/xmind.desktop

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6. After that, you can see the XMIND icon in the start menu. Click to operate, and the installation is completed.
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