The MacBook Pro screen shows how to set up the 2880 × 1800 resolution


Apple’s recently released MacBook Pro screen display resolution supports 2880 × 1800, which makes many users feel very happy, but they don’t know how to set it. Now Xiaobian will teach you several methods of setting it.

 Macbook Pro如何设置2880×1800分辨率

Setting method:

 Mode 1:SwitchResX

A third-party plug-in allows you to run a custom display resolution on any screen. After installation, select retina display and add a custom resolution of 2880 × 1800. Unfortunately, this software is only available for free for 10 days

 Mode 2:SetResX

A very simple small plug-in that can be displayed on the menu bar and can easily adjust the resolution to 2880 × one thousand and eight hundred

 Mode 3:Scrutil

This is a more advanced tool through the command line, but it is free. After downloading, open the terminal, and then drag the screenutil to the terminal window to try. After the installation is successful, enter this command in the terminal to adjust: [scrutil s 2880 1800 16]

If you want to adjust it back, you can change the resolution through system preferences or similar terminal commands.

In future, there are several ways to change MAC display resolution to 2880 × 1800. Users who need or are interested might as well try these methods.