The loggie geek camp is hot to start, and the community Daniel takes you to play open source


The collaboration mode built by open source is becoming the main channel to draw a digital blueprint and create a better future. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Alibaba cloud and other organizations have reached cooperation with Netease Sufan in the concept of “architecture development and core open source”. Practitioners from Huawei, Alibaba cloud, China Mobile, eBay, T3 travel, dingxiangyuan and other companies have participated in the construction of our open source community. But do you know that a prosperous open source community needs more than code construction?

On May 13, 2022, the loggie community officially launched the loggie geek camp. The core members of the loggie community served as mentors to lead everyone to appreciate the charm of open source and jointly create the future. Those with outstanding performance can win awards!

The loggie geek camp is hot to start, and the community Daniel takes you to play open source

What is loggie geek camp

Loggie is a cloud native observable data connector jointly opened by Netease and industrial and Commercial Bank of China. It hopes to become a “data high-speed rail” for cloud native scene observability. At the beginning of open source, loggie was used as a high-performance and lightweight cloud native log system for log collection, log transfer and aggregation. The project announced that it would be incorporated into CNCF landscape within 5 days of open source, and got GitHub stars 500+ within 20 days. In view of the importance of user feedback and observability to cloud native services, and relying on its architecture design, loggie has the ability to collect kubernetes events, Prometheus metrics and other capabilities, loggie community has anchored the development direction of observable “data high speed rail”.

Based on this, loggie community launched loggie geek camp open source collaboration activities for cloud nativity, observability and log technology enthusiasts, with the theme of “top performance, observation by me”, so that participants can feel the essence of open source culture and the creativity of open source community, and create the future of cloud Nativity observability.

This loggie geek camp will last for five weeks from May 13 to June 15, 2022. It includes four tasks: providing user cases, catching bugs, improving and submitting features. The submitted content will be successful if it passes the community review. Those with excellent performance will get Netease Shufan and loggie community recognition.

  • Provide user case: provide your usage of loggie to help loggie find and adapt more application scenarios
  • Catch bugs: find and submit one or more loggie bugs or experience problems that we have ignored
  • Improve the documentation: during the use of loggie, do you feel that there is a lack of documentation? Welcome to add your thoughts
  • Submit feature: add bricks and tiles to loggie’s functions, which can be added in addition to our published tasks

Those who are interested in cloud primitiveness, observability and logging can enter the game regardless of whether they are familiar with the road or just have a glimpse of the path. Golang skills are better. A strong team of mentors, including Yi, a senior architecture master of Netease Shufan, guoqiwen, a senior big data platform architect selected by Netease, wurongjun, a senior cloud native R & D expert of Netease cloud music, and wangmaocheng, a senior R & D Engineer of Netease media, welcome to participate!

Why attend the loggie geek camp

The spring of open source in China is beginning to appear. The flowers of the community are blooming wantonly. The leaders are advancing one after another, and projects are emerging one after another. However, why must it be the loggie geek camp to embrace the trend of open source and cloud native? Here are five reasons. Can you smile in the flowers?

Very low threshold cloud primordial.Without kubernetes’ high abstraction and various concepts, complex configuration of service mesh and tangled performance loss, loggie only has an intuitive and general data link model: source → interceptor → sink, which is suitable for entry.

Bring your own financial buff.Cloud nativity and observability will eventually “come out of the circle” and be integrated into the industry digitalization. Logging is also a common demand. Loggie was deeply involved in “the largest bank in the universe” when it came out. It is oriented to its 300000 container daily average 45tb logs, and is naturally compatible with financial needs.

Unlimited possibilities for young communities.It is true that loggie is a very young open source project, and there are too many functions to be developed. However, combined with the easily extensible data flow model, it also means unlimited possibilities for the project and its participants. You don’t see the spring and Autumn period, the Three Kingdoms period and the end of the Yuan Dynasty. As a new force builder, there are a lot of famous generals and advisers on the road of opening up new territories.

The R & D mental method of Da Dao Zhi Jian.Loggie is a typical data intensive application. It does not have many business attributes. It is easy to expand and develop. It is extremely simple but all inclusive. It is easy for participants to understand the masters’ secret mental skills through moves, gain insight into the essence of data intensive application design, and improve their problem-solving ability.

Interesting and informative reward settings.This community activity was supported by Netease Shufan, which provided rich material awards and honorary awards for outstanding participants.

How to get rewards

The loggie geek camp set up two categories of awards, including senior contributors and contributors. The awards are as follows:

Senior contributors5 seats


  • Coca Cola Mini Refrigerator *1
  • Loggie community T-shirt *1
  • Loggie geek camp contributor certificate *1

Qualification for award: the number, difficulty and quality of tasks completed during the activity period are ranked among the top5 developers. If the scores are the same, they will be submitted in the order of submission

contributorN seats


  • Loggie community T-shirt *1
  • Loggie geek camp contributor certificate *1

Qualification for award: one or more tasks during the activity period have been approved and adopted by the community

The loggie geek camp is hot to start, and the community Daniel takes you to play open source

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to enter the list of contributors to the official website of Netease Sufan open source, promote the contributor/maintainer of loggie community, and obtain personal interviews with the technology community.

How to attend the loggie geek camp

The participation process of loggie geek camp is as follows:

The loggie geek camp is hot to start, and the community Daniel takes you to play open source

Enter the house, or go further, the ready-made path is at the loggie geek camp.

Striving like you, what are you waiting for?

Scan the code immediately or click the link to enter the official website of the event, and create the future with us!

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