The Linux network card fails to start. The error rtnetlink answers: file exists is reported. What should I do?


After modifying the network card parameter configuration on the Linux host, the network card is often restarted. Sometimes the network card restarts with an error rtnetlink answers: file exists. What is the reason? Please refer to the introduction below for details.

1、 Problem description

Under LinuxThe service network restart command restarts the network card, a restart failure error appears as shown in the figure.

2、 View problem details

Use the systemctl status network.service command to view the error details.

3、 Cause analysis and Solutions

This error is generally caused by conflicts with the NetworkManager service, just close the networkmanger service, service NetworkManager stop,It is also prohibited to start systemctl disable NetworkManager

service network restart

service network restart

Check network card status, display active as normal

systemctl status network.service

matters needing attention:

On centos7, use the command systemctl disable NetworkManager to turn off self startup

The above is the cause analysis and solution of the problem that the Linux network card can not start. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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