The latest version 4.0 of chrome supports Greasemonkey script


GreaseMokey(called oil monkey script in Chinese) it was just a plug-in of Firefox. It can be used to add some simple and useful small plug-ins to expand your browser’s function and experience. It is generally written in HTML + JavaScript, which is small and flexible.

The very good news is,The latest version 4.0 of chrome now supports Greasemonkey scriptOf course, chrome 5.0 dev also supports it. If you are using these two versions of chrome (including PC and MAC), you can access it immediatelyhttp://userscripts.orgGot more than 40000 scripts.

If you don’t know Greasemonkey well, you can check it outIntroduction to wiki Encyclopedia, or check out the possibilities《8 excellent grease monkey scripts recommended》And crazy software  Top ten oil monkey scripts recommendedOf course, there are many excellent Greasemonkey scripts. If you encounter a script that is easy to use, you must share it with us

In addition, the management of Greasemonkey is as convenient as ordinary chrome extensions, which can be found in the Chrome extension panel(  chrome://extensions/)Disable and uninstall.

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