The latest php7 diagram of VMware Linux system installation


The performance of php7 is many times higher than that of the old version. Linux installs php7 through yum.

First of all, let’s check our previous version of PHP. Through Yum list installed | grep PHP, if there is no output information, it means that PHP is not installed

If PHP is installed, first uninstall the previous version of PHP, and uninstall all PHP dependencies through the command Yum remove PHP *

Go to Yum list | grep PHP and check the PHP version. It’s 5.4 now.

Now php5.4, if we need to solve some dependency problems when we install it separately, we can use Yum to solve the dependency problem and command us to introduce cloud source

View the installation package corresponding to the source through the command

Perform php7.0 installation, download, compile and install. If the network is slow, you need to wait for a while

Check the PHP version after the installation

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