The latest database ranking was released, and SQL Server plummeted..


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Source: OSC open source community (id:oschina2013)

The popularity ranking of DB engines in August has been updated (based on the overall data change in July).

The database with large fluctuation in scores is Microsoft SQL server, whose scores have decreased by 8.61 points compared with last month and 102.53 points compared with the same period last year. It is also the database with the largest drop in scores in the whole list.

In addition, the scores of the top three databases have dropped significantly compared with the same period last year.

The scores of the emerging databases PostgreSQL and mongodb have not changed much this month, but they have increased a lot compared with the same period last year. The increased scores of the two databases are 40.28 and 52.98 respectively. Of course, it will take a long time for them to enter the top three.

Continue to look at the score trend of the top ten databases.

▲ 前十数据库的分数变化走向

Finally, take a look at the ranking of various types of databases.

Top 10 relational databases

Top 10 key value databases

Top 10 document databases

Top 10 time series databases

Figure top 10 in database

DB engines ranks the database management system according to popularity, and the ranking is updated once a month. The ranking data is based on 5 different indicators:

  1. Number of keyword searches by Google and Bing search engines
  2. Number of Google Trends searches
  3. Job search volume in indeed website
  4. Number of profiles with keywords mentioned in LinkedIn
  5. Related issues and number of followers on stackoverflow

This list analysis aims to provide a reference for database related practitioners in the technical direction. The ranking involved is not based on factors such as product technology advancement or market share. Regardless of the rank, it is the most important to select the technology that is suitable for the business needs of the enterprise.

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