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Introduction:“Real time warehouse introduction training camp”, the friction between theory and practice, the collision between concepts and cases, get started quickly from 0 to 1, add some skills, and sign up quickly!

With the expansion of digital business, the amount of enterprise data is growing explosively. As an indispensable part of “data intelligence”, data warehouse has become one of the basic services that must be provided after enterprise data develops to a certain scale.

However, it’s 2021. Are you still using outdated traditional warehouse? Or do you want to start advanced real-time data warehouse, but suffer from no access?


Here comes the chance! On May 24, Flink + hologres of real-time computing set up the “King fried combination”, which was jointly launchedReal time warehouse introduction training camp! Produced by Jiang Xiaowei, researcher of Alibaba cloud computing platform division, Alibaba cloud researcher is invitedWang FengAlibaba cloud senior technical expertsJin XiaojunAlibaba cloud experts, as lecture guests, will comprehensively analyze the architecture, scenes and practical applications of real-time data warehouse from simple to deep. Seven high-quality courses will help you grow from Xiaobai to Daniel in five days! In addition, there are gifts such as tmall elf, Flink custom polo shirt, camp certificate and so on!

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Activity highlights

1、 Super guest lineup

Real time warehouse introduction training camp is sponsored by Alibaba cloud researchersJiang XiaoweiProduce. Alibaba cloud researcherWang FengAlibaba cloud senior technical expertsJin XiaojunAlibaba cloud Senior Product ExpertLiu YimingAnd other real-time computing, Flink version and a number of front-line technical / product experts from hologres joined hands to build the course system of the training camp, carefully polish the course content and directly attack the pain points encountered by the current students.

2、 Super dry content

Don’t worry about zero foundation students. This introductory training camp only takes 5 days and 7 courses, which can help you quickly start from 0 to 1 and build a real-time warehouse. The following is a summary of the content of this series of courses:

  • It won’t be “daunting”. The lecture guests will explain the architecture and principle of Flink and hologres, as well as the evolution of data warehouse architecture, and then deeply analyze how to upgrade to Flink + hologres real-time data warehouse. The content goes from simple to deep, and Xiaobai can easily understand it!
  • Not just “a little understanding”. Hands on demonstration by technical experts, such as Flink SQL, Flink reading and writing hologres, etc; It will also solve all kinds of typical problems that may be encountered in daily development, such as common problems and solutions in the process of developing Flink SQL, analysis of common performance problems of hologres, etc. If there is a problem, let’s solve it. Refuse and only know the fur!
  • It is no longer “on paper”. From the evolution history of real-time data warehouse, to the recommendation framework of real-time data warehouse based on Flink + hologres, and then to the practice of real-time data warehouse of marketing analysis, product experts will give a comprehensive lecture on how to apply real-time data warehouse to practice, so as to help the real-time decision-making and precision marketing of the Internet. No matter how good the real-time data warehouse itself is, it can’t be used!

3、 Great camping gifts

Move your fingers, complete the 5-step clock out task, and take Flink’s custom polo shirt or tmall elf home! After the completion of all courses, there will be a closing examination to help you remember the knowledge learned in the course and get started quickly in practice, so that all these dry goods will not become “a thing of the past”. You can also directly receive the closing Certificate (electronic version) jointly and exclusively issued by the developer community and the computing platform business department. So far, get! Get new skills!



Course & Lecture guests

May 24

[lesson 1] general introduction to Flink version of real-time computing

Course brief:

  • Serverless cloud native product form
  • Enterprise Flink product features
  • Seamless connection with Alibaba cloud mainstream data products

Guest speaker:Wang Feng (Mo q) – researcher of Alibaba cloud and head of Flink team for real-time computing

Opening time:20:00

[lesson 2] overall architecture of hologres

Course brief:

  • Evolution of data warehouse architecture, from OLAP to HSAP
  • Hologres architecture and principle
  • How to upgrade lambda architecture to Flink + hologres real-time data warehouse

Guest speaker:Jin Xiaojun (Xianyin) – senior technical expert of Alibaba cloud

Opening time:Around 21:00

May 25

[lesson 3] architecture analysis of real-time recommendation system based on Flink + hologres

Course brief:

  • Principle of real-time recommendation system based on Flink + hologres
  • Real time recommendation system architecture
  • Practice of real-time recommendation system

Guest speaker:Qin Jiangjie – senior technical expert of Alibaba cloud

Opening time:20:00

[lesson 4] real time data warehouse helps Internet real-time decision-making and precision marketing

Course brief:

  • Evolution history of real-time data warehouse
  • Real time warehouse recommendation architecture based on Flink + hologres
  • Practice of real-time warehouse counting in marketing analysis

Guest speaker:Liu Yiming (oneness) – Alibaba cloud Senior Product Expert

Opening time:Around 21:00

May 26

[lesson 5] real time computing Flink SQL practice

Course brief:

  • Flink SQL starter example
  • Common problems and solutions in development and use

Guest speaker:Li Lin (seal) – Alibaba cloud senior technical expert

Opening time:20:00

May 27

[Lesson 6] hologres data import / Export Practice

Course brief:

  • Introduction to hologres real-time read-write interface
  • Flink read / write hologres hands-on example
  • Alibaba cloud dataworks read / write hologres example

Guest speaker:Wang Huafeng (Jiru) – Alibaba cloud technology expert

Opening time:20:00

May 28

[Lesson 7] hologres performance tuning practice

Course brief:

  • Hologres best practices for creating tables
  • Analysis of common performance problems of hologres
  • Hologres performance optimization scheme

Guest speaker:Yu Jun (Qingfen) – Alibaba cloud technology expert

Opening time:20:00

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Real time warehouse introduction training camp, the friction between theory and practice, the collision between concepts and cases, start quickly from 0 to 1, and add some skills to your skills. Please stampRegistration link👇


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