The July technical committee meeting of the openKylin community was successfully held, and the version planning was finalized!


On July 30, 2022, the openKylin community technical committee meeting was successfully held. This meeting was held in a combination of online and offline methods. It was chaired by Yu Jie, a member of the openKylin Community Technical Committee, and all members including Director Wu Qingbo and Deputy Director Wei Lifeng participated. At the meeting, the participants conducted key discussions on community SIG management and openKylin technical planning.

At the beginning of the meeting, the host Yu Jie reported to everyone the current progress of the community work, including the operation of the existing SIG in the community, the basic information of the SIG to be reviewed, the remaining issues of the openKylin 0.7 version, and the openKylin version 1.0 release plan. The current status is actively discussed, suggestions are made, and the new SIGs in the community part have been reviewed and approved. The details of the topics are as follows:

1. New SIGs in the community

The openKylin community, as the root community of the desktop operating system, encourages innovation to stimulate vitality, and supports the creation of multiple SIGs in the same technical direction. After voting by all members of the technical committee, the newAi-edgecloud (edge ​​intelligence cloud) SIG, International-promotion (international promotion) SIG, SDK (developer kit) SIG, KylinDDE (Deepin Desktop Environment) SIG, connectivity (interconnection) SIG, I18N (multi-language) SIGwaiting21SIG groups.

2. OpenKylin version 1.0 release plan

Based on some problems in the current openKylin 0.7 version, the community will continue to fix it, and plans to release the 0.8 BUG fix version at the end of August.

3. University development plan

As one of the most dynamic groups in the community, students are the key development goals of the community. In the future, the openKylin community will set up college stations in colleges and universities across the country, continue to launch open source development competitions in colleges and universities, and carry out college salon activities to spread open source culture and cultivate open source talents. At the same time, openKylin has launched a community co-construction activity. We sincerely invite companies, developers, enthusiasts and college students to participate in the community and build together. Based on openKylin version 0.7, we can assist in the completion of packaging, adaptation and testing. , and leave their own footprints in the construction of the openKylin operating system. For more details, please refer to: [A co-construction invitation letter from the openKylin community