The Internet of things enables digital education!


We firmly believe that education is the fundamental plan of our country.
——Tao Xingzhi

Education is indispensable in the annual government report, including education popularization, double first class construction, scientific and technological innovation, etc. Among them, “China will continue to promote the construction of educational informatization, actively develop” Internet plus education “, accelerate the construction of education special network, and popularize the construction and application of digital campus. It indicates that the new mode of smart education has become the key development goal of education in China.

Zhejiang Province wrote in a notice on the technical specifications for eye protection lighting renovation project in primary and secondary schools,

  • In 2021, the eye protection lighting reconstruction project of primary and secondary schools will transform the lighting of ordinary classrooms of more than 10000 primary and secondary schools in the whole province, and it is required to realize intelligent lighting on the basis of meeting the national compulsory standards.
  • By the end of 2021, the lighting compliance rate of primary and secondary schools in all cities and counties (cities and districts) will be no less than 85%, and the intelligent lighting will be realized in no less than 70% of the ordinary classrooms with eye protection lighting transformation in 2021.
    The requirement of “intelligent lighting” makes the Internet of things appear in everyone’s sight, and also gives the Internet of things more space to play. With the rapid development of digital process, how to use the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and big data and other new technologies to actively carry out the new mode of intelligent education and help the intelligent transformation of campus has become a hot topic.

Smart campus policy support & industry trend

Various national policies, such as the national standard “requirements for security technology prevention system of ordinary colleges and universities”, “national education informatization construction 2.0 plan”, and the national standard “overall framework of smart campus”, continue to promote the construction of smart campus.

The Internet of things enables digital education!

According to the “2019 primary and Secondary Education Informatization Software Market Research Report” released by eurothink, since 2015, the scale of primary and secondary education informatization funds in China has been increasing year by year, of which the market scale will reach 70.577 billion yuan in 2019, and it is expected to continue to grow in 2020 and 2021.
The Internet of things enables digital education!
Data source: yiou think tank, Research Report on education informatization software market in primary and secondary schools in 2019

Current pain points of smart campus

Campus intelligence is being built in full swing all over the country. However, due to the limitation of technology and the defects of platform, campus intelligence is still inclined to “single scene intelligence”, which has the following pain points:

1. Lack of unified capacity support platform:In the current process of campus intellectualization, each subsystem is independent of each other, and there is no unified platform for support, which leads to the lack of unified support in resource allocation, service collaboration and problem handling;

2. The business system lacks uniform rulesEach business system scenario, such as classroom system, dormitory system, library system, etc., has no unified management rules, which can not better standardize the management and service;

3. The data is isolated and underutilizedIn the era of big data, if data sharing cannot be achieved, data analysis will be impossible. Data islands and difficult integration have become the main problem of Campus Intelligence;

4. The waste of repeated construction cost is seriousThe non intercommunication of the system leads to repeated construction. For example, intelligent access control is an essential element in both dormitory and library scenes, but because dormitory and library are two business systems, they need to be built repeatedly, resulting in waste of cost.

Up to now, the construction idea of “unified planning, overall design, step-by-step implementation and gradual improvement” of smart campus has gradually become a consensus. At the same time, the business system of a single department has begun to transform to integration. Only by integrating hardware, software and services, can better unified and integrated services be provided to teachers and students.

Graffiti intelligence based on the above pain points and ideas, launched the “smart campus solution”.

Graffiti smart campus solution

Graffiti smart campus solution is based on the rich ecosystem of powered by Tuya intelligent hardware products, such as smart blackboard, smart platform, electronic school badge, electronic student ID card, etc. it also provides multi terminal SDKs such as Android, IOS and small programs, as well as cloud APIs such as device control and scene linkage to assist the development of its own SaaS system, To create a healthy campus environment with the functions of senseless data collection, intelligent control and data analysis services for customers.
The simple architecture of smart campus solution is as follows:

The Internet of things enables digital education!

Based on more than 310000 SKUs, the main application scenarios of graffiti smart campus solution include:

Smart Classroom:Through intelligent devices such as intelligent blackboard, intelligent platform and eye protection lamp, the functions of eye protection lighting, environmental monitoring, temperature adaptation and scene linkage in the classroom are realized, which can assist the presentation of teaching content, facilitate the acquisition of learning resources, promote classroom interaction, and realize the functions of situational awareness and environmental management;

The Internet of things enables digital education!

Smart dormitory:Through intelligent air switch, intelligent access control, intelligent IPC and other equipment, the overall power safety, security monitoring, dormitory management and hazard identification of the dormitory area are further enhanced, so as to improve the service level of dormitory management from inside to outside, and make the dormitory management more orderly, intelligent and efficient;

The Internet of things enables digital education!

Smart Library:Through intelligent lighting, intelligent access control, intelligent IPC and other intelligent devices, library space reservation, intelligent lighting, energy management, environmental monitoring and other functions can be realized, and the lighting and energy in the library can be intelligently controlled to reduce energy consumption and operation cost;

The Internet of things enables digital education!

Access management:Based on the intelligent access control equipment, it can record the access situation of personnel at all times, make clear the access area and time of internal personnel, realize the functions of electronic fence, visitor management, temperature measurement early warning, single person authentication, etc., and ensure the security of school entrance and exit by means of active control instead of passive monitoring;

The Internet of things enables digital education!

Smart playgroundBased on intelligent sensors, it is equipped with intelligent devices such as intelligent rope skipping, intelligent IPC and intelligent lighting to realize intelligent lighting, directional broadcasting, sports safety, sports detection and other functions, unify remote management and control, automatically collect sports data, and ensure the safety of the playground all day long;

The Internet of things enables digital education!

Smart office:Through intelligent access control, intelligent socket, intelligent air conditioning and other equipment, it can realize the functions of teacher attendance, office power, intelligent station, environment adjustment, enhance the security, ease of use and scalability of office environment, effectively reduce energy consumption, and improve the efficiency of school office operation.

The Internet of things enables digital education!

And it has the following advantages:

Smart device Ecology:Graffiti has accumulated a wealth of smart device product solutions, which can be applied to smart education scenarios;

Multi terminal management and control system:Provide user terminal solutions including cloud platform, app and small program, so that students, classrooms and teaching managers can easily use smart campus services;

Multiple and open PAAS capabilities:Graffiti intelligence provides rich and open IOT basic ability API, integrates vertical ability of education industry, and can be flexibly accessed by integrators;

Partner Ecology:Graffiti intelligence, as an open and neutral global AI + IOT platform, supports the access of cross brand intelligent devices, empowers schools, hardware and software suppliers and integrators, and speeds up the transformation of education intelligence.

Complete the intelligent transformation of education industry with the help of graffiti ability

The term “smart campus” has been recognized by the government, education and industry. The smart education industry is in a period of vigorous development, and the penetration of Internet of things, artificial intelligence and big data technology will make the “smart campus” scene more and more perfect, truly realize the innovation of teaching methods and the change of teaching mode, and connect the campus into an intelligent whole.

Graffiti smart campus solution is based on more than 310000 powered by Tuya devices SKUs, covering more than 200 countries and regions, radiating more than 100000 online and offline sales channels around the world, helping the upstream and downstream customers of the education industry break through the core technology of the industry, deepening the technical standards and platform system specifications of smart teaching environment, and improving the clarity and efficiency of application interaction Flexibility and response speed, so as to help industry customers realize the campus mode of intelligent service and management.

Whether it’s IHV, ISV or Si, graffiti can provide one-stop solutions with open source technology, operation tools and sales channels.
The Internet of things enables digital education!

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