The integration of Party building and leading the new direction of Party Building


“Party building” is a rigid word in the influence of most people. When it comes to the study of Party members, it comes to mind that a small classroom full of Wuyang party members are attentively taking notes. When it comes to Party building services, we think of the red vest in the community. When it comes to Party building propaganda, there is a long column of propaganda on the square. What you don’t know is that party building can also be very lively.
The times are developing and the society is progressing. Workers help with sharp tools, and people help with virtuous friends. The party construction service integrated machine launched by Xiaocheng technology is a good helper for the party construction work. It not only focuses on the study of Party members, but also focuses on the construction of the party and the management of party affairs, so as to promote the party construction work to be stricter, higher and better.
The integration of Party building and leading the new direction of Party Building
So what is the integration of Party building?
The party building all-in-one machine covers audio, video, e-book, news and information, and integrates publicity, learning and work functions. In the service center, he can provide 24-hour self-service for Party members. In the publicity exhibition hall, Party Construction publicity pictures, vows to join the party, short films of Party building history, publicity and learning of Party construction information, Party construction information query, interactive answers to Party construction knowledge and other interactive displays can be played, which is the only choice for Party members.
The unique role of the integrated party building machine has become an important help to promote the “71cms pioneering cloud party building”. The “four modernizations” of the integrated machine has realized the “visible” party building.
(1) Massive content helps party members to learn. The latest party construction information, key news and high-quality theoretical articles are displayed on the integrated machine. Help Party members to understand state affairs in time and learn the latest theories. At the same time, it also provides Party members with a wealth of video and audio courses, including the current key thematic contents such as “never forget your original intention, keep your mission in mind”, “poverty alleviation”, “incorruptible education”, etc., so as to mobilize party members’ enthusiasm for learning.
(2) Pioneer propaganda creates a red example. In one machine, we can publicize the outstanding Party members, the highlights of party affairs and the outstanding volunteers. Publicity and display of important party construction meetings and activities. Let Party members and the masses more easily accept the edification of Party building and improve Party spirit.
(3) Diversified service functions to improve the effectiveness of people’s livelihood. Where there are masses, Party building must be done. The self-service terminal is equipped with multiple service functions for the party members and the masses. The masses can check the publicity of the local three affairs, issue the notice of the party organization’s people’s livelihood activities, leave suggestions for the party organization, apply to be volunteers, etc. To provide a more effective way to solve people’s livelihood problems.
(4) Self help handling of party affairs improves work efficiency. Paying party dues, transferring Party members’ relations, and relevant procedures for floating Party members, all of which were previously inseparable from people, can now be handled by themselves on the integrated machine. It is not only more convenient and time-consuming to go through formalities. Not only the experience of the management personnel is higher, but also the burden of the party workers is less. Moreover, the business processing breaks through the time limit, and the integrated machine can be on standby 24 hours a day.
In the information age, with the rapid change of society, the party building work also needs constant innovation and efficiency improvement. The integrated self-service machine of Party construction is just a good helper of Party construction, which can boost the efficiency of Party construction and lead the new direction of smart party construction.