The growth path of rookie programmers: from technical Xiaobai to Alibaba Java Engineer


The growth path of rookie programmers: from technical Xiaobai to Alibaba Java Engineer

Happy National Day! The second longest annual holiday has finally arrived. It’s rare to have eleven long holidays. The author wants to have a few days off. Whether you choose to go out to play, or work overtime in the company, review in school, we hope you have a good long holiday. Don’t envy others if you don’t go out to play. It’s better to use this time to recharge your batteries than to travel and watch your head.

Recently, I finally organized my original article into an e-book, and released it before the national day. I hope it can help you.

This e-book collates the articles I created in the wechat public account [Huang Xiaoxie] in the past year, including the contents of java learning, job interview, growth experience, perception thinking, program life and other topics. The main line of these contents is to tell the readers how I learned to become an Alibaba engineer step by step from a technical Xiaobai. I have made my way Learning experience, growth experience, job search and work experience have all been recorded, and shared with more people on this road through writing, hoping to help you.

I graduated from undergraduate course in 2016 and passed the examination of 985 software engineering. After two years of self-study, I got the R & D offer of bat and other 10 Internet companies during the autumn recruitment in 2019. I successfully became a Java Engineer of Alibaba. I would like to share my learning, thinking and income with the people in need with this book.

If you want to see my latest article in time, you can pay attention to my wechat public account [Huang Xiaoxie] if you want to see more Java technology dry goods, you can also pay attention to our Java technology public account [Java technology Jianghu]

These articles will be sorted into my java interview guide warehouse on GitHub, and more highlights can be found in my warehouse.

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The article started on my personal blog:

At present, this book is only the first draft. Any suggestions and opinions are welcome.

Java learning

Novices on the road

Tell you in big words: what is the Java backend doing?

Java Engineer Learning Guide (beginner)

Java Engineer Learning Guide (beginner)

Java Engineer Learning Guide (intermediate)

Java Engineer Learning Guide (end)

Java interview guide

Do you have all these popular Java interview knowledge points?

Summary of common interview knowledge points of Java collection class

Summary of common interview knowledge points of design pattern

How to learn java concurrency technology systematically?

Java dry goods resources

Want to understand the Java back-end learning path? You only need this picture!

Collection of Java qiuzhao Mianjing

A list of java learning resources you can’t miss

The way of Java Engineer Cultivation (summary of school recruitment)

Java engineer essential book list

Experience of job interview

Guide for school enrollment

In this way, the resume will be favored by bat.

Five things you must know about Campus Recruitment

How to obtain recruitment information for new students

Some truth about qiuzhao

Some tips on autumn recruitment interview

Written examination experience sharing

How to balance internship and enrollment?

How to review efficiently in the months before enrollment?

After finishing 500 bat interview questions, can I go to the interview factory?

Introduction to pen interview

School recruitment season is coming, you may need this job-hunting battle plan!

An interview with Tencent

Alibaba internship recruitment incomplete Guide

When I applied for Tencent, the interviewer and I talked about one hour’s life.

I’ve read too many interview questions of big factories, but in fact, I’ve only tested these three abilities.

How to write the project experience on the resume? These three principles cannot be ignored!

Changed the technical resume for 3 years, and finally made the interviewer look good

When the interviewer says, “what else do you want to ask?” how do you answer?

Two axes in Baidu interview: basic of handwritten algorithm

School recruitment season is coming, you may need this job-hunting battle plan!

20 programmers’ questions about job hunting and my reference answers


From Java Xiaobai to bat and other offers, share my experience and insights in the past two years

Review of 2017 spring recruitment internship interview: from kneeling to reaping offer

What did I do right from zero foundation to getting Netease Java internship offer

Tencent R & D business

Alibaba middleware R & D experience

Baidu R & D Economics

Ant financial R & D experience

Baidu R & D Comprehensive Edition

Today’s top R & D experience

Experience of growth

About postgraduate entrance examination

After the examination, I know the three big holes on the way!

Today, I want to talk to you about graduate school.

How does non science class Xiaobai counter attack and succeed in cross examination 985 software engineering?!

Growth perception and thinking

After the internship between Netease and Baidu, I understood these things.

What’s the gap between non class programmers and class programmers?

Count the grudges between graduate students and their tutors

Young people should understand that promotion is not the only way in the workplace

Do you want to be a phoenix tail in a large company or a chicken head in a small company?

How to spend your life on the Internet?

What have I learned during my working days in Ali?

About me

About me

The first anniversary of programmer’s life, talk about the income, thoughts and feelings of this year

Programmed life

Some thoughts

I’d rather rent a house for 1000 yuan than squeeze the subway for half an hour

I like playing games very much, so am I suitable to be a game programmer?

In the era of 996, how do Internet people balance work and life?

Thinking about Internet industry

Before Ma Yun retired, he said the three most important things at the annual meeting

What happened to the programmers who worked hard?

Under the wave of Internet, talk about the difficulties faced by the post-90s

Where did the programmer’s salary go?

What are the underlying rules in Internet companies?

How do programmers spend their day in big factories?

Workplace experience

Before entering the workplace from campus, you’d better know these five suggestions

Why do I choose Java?

To what extent can Java learn to find a first job?

What’s the right thing for those undergraduates who have the ability to enter bat?

From the third tier small company to the first tier large factory, talk about the growth of programmers

Wechat public account

Java technology

If you want to pay real-time attention to my updated articles and shared dry goods, you can pay attention to the technical station of an Ali Java Engineer in my public account [Java technology Jianghu], the author Huang Xiaoxie, who focuses on Java related technologies: SSM, springboot, mysql, distributed, middleware, cluster, Linux, network, multithreading, occasionally talking about docker, elk, and sharing at the same time. Technology dry goods and learning experience, committed to Java full stack development!

Necessary learning resources for Java Engineers: some Java engineers often use learning resources. After paying attention to the public account, the backstage replies to the keyword “Java” to get it for free.


Personal public number: Huang Xiaoxie

The author is a master of 985, an ant financial Java Engineer. He focuses on the Java back-end technology stack: springboot, mysql, distributed, middleware, micro services. At the same time, he knows a little about investment and financing, occasionally talks about algorithm and computer theoretical basis, insists on learning and writing, and believes in the power of lifelong learning!

3T technology learning resources for programmers: some resource packages for programmers to learn technology. After paying attention to the public account, the backstage replies to the keyword “materials” for free.


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