The ghost of Beipiao knows what I’ve been through


The ghost of Beipiao knows what I've been through


The previous article [another adventure after graduation and layoffs] said that after graduation, we experienced a “light death” (the team was dissolved as soon as we went online). In order to catch up with the project, several of us worked overtime for development. Although the intermediate requirements were modified several times, we still made rapid development adjustments and met the requirements of going online, And finally went online in advance. On the night of going online, the boss also planned that after going online, in order to reward everyone’s hard work during this period, the team went out for group construction at the weekend. Who would have thought that as soon as the project was launched, the technical team was forced to dissolve because the effect was not ideal

The ghost of Beipiao knows what I've been through

Positive interview after National Day

Because I just graduated and didn’t have much experience, I was in Beijing after the national dayBoss direct employmentHook netas well asZhaopinI submitted my resume and received some interview invitations one after another. After about a week’s interview, I also received two or three offers. I remember one was usedShopNCThe secondary development is to develop a multi store mall. This is similar to my internship company project, and the company scale is relatively small, so I refused; I forgot what the other one was about. The last one was about education. During the interview, I said that I wanted to reconstruct the project. Therefore, I thought I could learn a lot here, so I finally chose to go here and start a new working environment.

The ghost of Beipiao knows what I've been through

Work content of the company I just went to

Like all development brothers and sisters, after joining the company, they first assign computers and install their own commonly used software and build a local development environment, and then introduce people who know the team. After being polite, they find the relevant person in charge to get the relevant authority account number of the company code and understand the business and the implementation and logic specification of the relevant code;

Some people may ask, doesn’t it mean to restructure after entry? How can we understand the previous code? Because the code to be reconstructed was developed in Java language, we need to make a handover with them, that is, understand the relevant businesses and functions, including some hidden details, because the more preparations before reconstruction, the less trouble will be in the later work.

Responsible for refactoring projects

Not long after I went to the company, the director of the technology department found me and asked me to take charge of the whole reconstruction project. To be honest, my first reaction was to refuse, because I thought I didn’t have much experience, let alone management experience, so I was a little counselled at the beginning, but I was still stubborn.

The ghost of Beipiao knows what I've been through

Because I have understood the general requirements and business before, and now I start to select the project framework, reorganize and optimize the database data table, and formulate the code writing specifications of some new projects (I don’t have much experience, but I think if the specifications can be unified, it will also facilitate the cost of later code maintenance and management, Not to be scolded by the people who take over the project later)

In terms of project framework selection, there was an old project in the company at that timeYii2The framework is developed, but others in the team are not familiar with the framework. There may be problems with the learning cost, later development progress and code quality, and then compare themThinkPHP5andLaravel5And finally decided to adopt the PHP frameworkThinkPHP5, and thenMVCThere is no doubt that the database is usedMySQL, and the front-end mainly adoptsjQuery + Ajax, no other similarAngularJsperhapsVUEAnd so on, mainly considering the technical stack of the team.

After the basic framework was selected, I first built the foundation of the project, and then assigned functional modules to others in the group for development. Then I sorted out the data table first, improved the notes and related optimization of all tables, and spent a few days after the optimization table was completed, I asked others to discuss the cleaning of historical data, because after the reconstruction project was launched, Previous data has to be restored, so after some discussion, some simple data can be written directlySQLStatement is enough, and some complex data needs to be cleaned by writing script programs (if historical data is involved in any demand development process, we should also consider the problem of data cleaning). These all took a lot of time. After processing the data table, I also invested in the development of relevant functional modules. Let’s work together, The project went online smoothly. After it went online, there were no major problems, and we continued to improve functions and iterative development

Strange things after the Spring Festival

We basically finished the project years ago, and everyone went home for the new year to get together with their families. When we returned to the company after the new year, when we implemented the pull project, some places reported abnormal execution. It turned out that someone changed a lot of codes during the Spring Festival. At first glance, it was all changed by one person (the head of our technology department team, we call him “brother Gao”), We have changed some of the function codes we wrote before. Although it does not affect the function, some writing methods have also been rewritten. It feels a little scary. We don’t understand. We don’t say why we want to change our code. For this matter, we have argued with him for a while. We really shouldn’t do this.

The ghost of Beipiao knows what I've been through

Resignation for personal reasons

At the end of February, the person in charge of the technology department came to me and said that we should reduce the personnel of the technology department, and then said that we should cut someone in the PHP group. At that time, I thought that our project had not just been reconstructed and put online. How could we reduce the technology department now? It was a little cool. I used to be a brother fighting in the trench

Some other things happened in the middle, so I won’t elaborate. In March, for some “personal reasons”, I also applied to the company for resignation and began to hand over the work. I had just arrived at the company for less than half a year, and I had to embark on the road of looking for a job again. Life was not easy.

The ghost of Beipiao knows what I've been through


After graduating in 16 years, I was forced to change two companies in less than a year. I’m really young and not sensible. The stability of the choice of new jobs in the future will certainly be taken into account, so the latter company is also stable, because I have worked there for two years. I can’t say too much. I can predict what will happen in the future, and listen to the next chapter

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