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  • How about new users retained on the 7th?

  • Is the new play popular with players?

  • Does the new occupation affect the balance?

Nowadays, the creation of a high-quality game needs to be polished repeatedly before going online. At the same time, after going online, it can quickly improve the game experience and prolong the game life cycle based on data feedback. Mining the value of operational data, building a rich data analysis model and driving business operation through data have become the necessary conditions for building high-quality games.

Huawei analysis launches game industry report and embedded point template

Huawei’s online game industry analysis report in version 5.3.1 provides a complete index system for MMO and card games, as well as corresponding buried point templates and code samples. The report is divided into three parts:Core indicator KanbanSystem play monitoringAnalysis of players and payment

1、 Core indicator Kanban

Adding the data most concerned by operators to the core indicator Kanban can clearly grasp the current data performance of the game and quickly establish an overall impression of the current situation of game operation. For example, yesterday’s new and active users, payment amount, ARPU and arppu, as well as the real-time number of online users, number of paying users and payment rate.

*Schematic diagram of core Kanban data

At the same time, you can also use filters to segment and analyze some user attributes or audiences, such as comparing the number of new users and paying users brought by different provinces and channels, or splitting the payment amount into the payment amount of new users and the payment amount of old users.

2、 System play monitoring

In the part of system playing methods, the data analysis of each playing method has different emphases, such as card games. In the card analysis module, we designed the analysis of the number of cards drawn, the number of cards drawn, the number of cards drawn per capita, and the proportion of card drawn players, so as to help game planners have a comprehensive grasp of the player’s card drawing.

In the battle analysis module, many players will participate in PVP battle or PVE battle. The presentation of such indicators as combat times, combat participation rate, combat number and per capita combat times can help game planners verify the popularity of combat play and provide more directions for the optimization of play.

For MMO games, people often pay most attention to the players in the guild system, cultivation system and copy task. Through the MMO analysis module, game operators can see the cultivation and distribution of pets, mounts, equipment and professional skills; And data reports such as replica participation profile, replica participation profile of each profession, replica output of each prop, average number distribution of guilds, number of active guilds, average level of guilds, etc.

*Cultivation system diagram

*Copy task diagram

3、 Player and payment analysis

In the part of player analysis, we describe the details of new, active, retained, lost and returned players from the aspects of active users, active players, lost users, returned users, login number, login period, login duration, retention of new users and retention of active users, so as to help developers master the dynamics of players.

**Player analysis data

The payment analysis and virtual consumption analysis cards comprehensively present the payment and virtual consumption of players from the aspects of payment amount, number of paying users, payment rate, per capita payment amount, arppu, 7-day retention rate of paying users, acquisition and consumption of virtual currency, consumption of virtual currency of each prop / level / level, etc.

Provide supporting embedded point formwork, which can be used out of the box

In order to improve the embedding efficiency of enterprises, Huawei analysis service has launched the embedding template of the game industry at the same time, including code samples out of the box. It supports three ways of copying code embedding points, table embedding points and visual embedding points for developers to choose flexibly. Support full link tracking from application integration to buried point development, buried point verification and management, greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of buried points, and complete all buried points in one day.

*Game – Card embedding point template

*Game MMO buried point template

Combined with more analysis functions, the game has fine operation

In addition, it can also be combined with the multidimensional and flexible data analysis model of Huawei analysis service to comprehensively analyze the player’s behavior, so as to form a comprehensive understanding of new channels, game playing methods, users themselves, etc. For example:

  • Through “audience grouping” and portrait analysis, depict the portrait and behavior characteristics of high-frequency and active core players, so as to provide direction for the optimization of innovation strategy;

  • Different resource bits, traffic entrances and different operation actions are guided by players’ payment. Through attribution analysis, their payment contribution rate can be measured to optimize resource allocation;

  • Through the “path analysis” model, analyze the behavior flow direction and payment path of different players after starting the application, locate the root cause of loss in each step in combination with the funnel, and find out the optimization points of playing methods and props;

  • With the help of the “payment forecast, repurchase forecast and loss forecast” model, the operation intervention is carried out in advance for users with loss risk to prevent loss; For potential paying players, push“Recharge limited time discount”、“Limited item release”And other news to promote players’ payment conversion.

In the future, Huawei’s analysis service will continue to focus on enterprise needs, refine the industry, explore data opening and operation methodology, enable the full scene and multi role value of the enterprise, and help the innovation and development of the enterprise.

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