The fourth paradigm of cool work: multiple positions are pushed in, and a large number of testing / big data engineers are recruited in shopee for a long time


The fourth paradigm of cool work: multiple positions are pushed in, and a large number of testing / big data engineers are recruited in shopee for a long time

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[introversion] the fourth paradigm: Java R & D Engineer, ai r & D Engineer / architect, server test development engineer, etc

Java Development Engineer

Job description:
1. Facing the intelligent upgrading of enterprises, participate in building products such as AI technology midrange, data midrange and intelligent business midrange;

2. Participate in the design and implementation of the system architecture which carries the daily activities of 100 million level;

3. Participate in the design and development of intelligent decision system module;

4. Continuously improve the product performance indicators: QPS (> 100%), response speed (tp99 < 100ms), high availability (> 99.99%);

5. Have excellent communication skills, team spirit, and be able to promote the implementation of rules and regulations with the help of all parties.

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer and related major, more than 3 years java development experience;

2. Excellent programming ability, familiar with data structure and algorithm, familiar with mainstream relational database and NoSQL products;

3. Solid foundation of Java, familiar with IO, multithreading, distributed lock, cache, message mechanism, familiar with springboot, mybatis and other common Java related frameworks;

4. Understand the mainstream open source technologies (such as elasticsearch, Kafka, Hadoop, etc.), master the new technologies and their development trends at home and abroad, and have the willingness and ability to continuously learn new technologies;

5. Practical experience of large-scale Internet high concurrency and high availability system;

6. Be good at independent thinking, have the ability of quick learning, constantly break through the technical bottleneck, be willing to explore unknown fields, face the opportunities and challenges of AI value landing, and keep working passion under great pressure;

7. Experience in AI application R & D is preferred, and experience in intelligent recommendation system and search system is preferred.

Ai r & D Engineer / Architect

Job description:
1. Develop business level application products and apply artificial intelligence products of the fourth paradigm to business practice;

We are willing to work with a group of excellent people to design products and overcome the difficulties of using products in the world;

3. Exploration, design and implementation of business framework and engineering framework to improve product landing efficiency;

4. Meet the needs of international market and create international product portfolio.

1. Bachelor degree or above, 3 years of back-end R & D experience;

2. Proficient in one or more programming languages (such as Java, python, C + +), and profound engineering background;

3. Have basic IT system management ability, familiar with cluster management and k8s service framework;

4. Be able to use common machine learning platforms and frameworks (databricks, H2O, RapidFinder, sagemaker, Google automl, kubeflow, pytorch, scikit, Caffe, etc.);

5. Experience in recommendation system, distributed computing, retail, pass, cloud, industry application, business application, precision marketing, personalized search, personalized marketing, anti fraud, anti money laundering, credit scoring, business framework, business middleware experience is preferred.

Server Test Development Engineer

Job description:
1. Be responsible for the overall test and development of platform engineering products, including platform middleware, database and basic technology;

2. Be responsible for the development of automatic test platform, performance test platform, test environment management platform and continuous integration platform of Prophet engineering products;

3. By means of existing or newly developed automated testing framework and automated testing tools, the quality, stability and reliability of the underlying project are guaranteed.

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, more than 2 years working experience in development or test development;

2. Familiar with Java / Python / C / C + + (at least one) development language;

3. Familiar with Linux operating system, skilled in using script language programming;

4. Be able to independently undertake the work related to the release, deployment and testing of large-scale software platforms or independent software products as a whole and modules;

5. Be familiar with big data / machine learning related business, and have relevant big data / machine learning related test experience;

6. Solid algorithm foundation, familiar with common data structure, familiar with distributed algorithm and distributed system;

7. Familiar with distributed computing framework, such as MapReduce / spark / storm / Flink / beam, etc., and have rich practical testing experience;

8. Familiar with distributed storage technology, such as HDFS / alluxion / S3 / glusterfs, etc., and relevant test experience is preferred;

9. Be familiar with machine learning technology and common algorithms, such as tensorflow / mxnet / Caffe. Practical test or application experience is preferred.


[internal promotion] shopee has long recruited a large number of front-end and back-end test big data engineers (15-18 salary)

Job description:
1. Working hours: 9:30-12:30, 14:00-19:00, flexible working system, no clock in, weekend weekend off;

2. 15 days of paid annual leave, 14 days of paid sick leave, 6 days of parental leave and 14 days of statutory holidays;

3. Work life balance, overtime can be compensated, overtime meal can be provided free of charge for overtime work on weekdays, and taxi fare can be reimbursed;

4. The probation period is 3 months (salary is not reduced), the salary of the month is paid at the end of each month, and the six insurances and one fund are paid in full, and the provident fund is paid at 10% of the total amount;

5. One MacBook is equipped as standard for each person;

6. Free fruits and all kinds of snacks;

7. Video interview and reimbursement of air tickets in different places;


Back end development

More than 1.2 years of full-time working experience in large domestic Internet factories;

2. Proficient in Python + Django / flag development;

3. Familiar with Django, Ruby on rails, or Node.js At least one framework language.

Front end development

More than 1.2 years of full-time working experience in large domestic Internet factories;

2. Proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript;

3. Familiar with frame language React.Js / Angular.Js / Vue.Js Priority.

Testing / quality related positions

At least 2 years working experience;

2. Be familiar with test process and specification, master software testing method;

3. Skillfully use any common automation or performance testing tools;

4. At least familiar with Python / Java / go.

Big data related positions

More than 1.2 years of full-time working experience in large domestic Internet factories;

2. Working experience in Java / C + + under linux / unix environment;

3. Familiar with Hadoop / hive / ETL / RDBMS / sqoop.

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The fourth paradigm of cool work: multiple positions are pushed in, and a large number of testing / big data engineers are recruited in shopee for a long time