The four purposes and three meanings of data analysis must be seen by novice Xiaobai!


Nowadays, many companies add a “qualified” rule to candidates when recruitingData analysisAbility “, which also reflects that many companies attach great importance to data analysis. If we can master some knowledge of data analysis, it will undoubtedly help to improve our competitiveness in the workplace.

Novice Xiaobai who has just come into contact with data analysis should have a question, that is, what is the purpose and significance of data analysis? Next, Xiaobian will discuss with you why data analysis is so favored by enterprises from three aspects: the concept of data analysis, the purpose of data analysis and the significance of data analysis.

The four purposes and three meanings of data analysis must be seen by novice Xiaobai!

1、 Concept of data analysis

Data analysis refers to the application of appropriate statistical analysis methods to analyze the massive data collected, and summarize, understand and digest these data, so as to maximize the value contained in the data and give full play to the role of data.

2、 Purpose of data analysis

There are four main purposes of data analysis. Let’s learn together~

1. Data classification

The company’s data is often numerous and messy. One of the purposes of data analysis is to use the similar data with classification to study its classification rules, apply the rules to the data with unknown classification and classify it.

2. Association rules and recommendation system

Association rules, also known as association analysis, refers to finding general association patterns in large databases. The recommendation system, which seems to be very sophisticated, is actually very common in our daily life. For example, the home page purchase recommendation of online shopping software and the video push of video software are personalized recommendations by finding association rules.

3. Data reduction and dimensionality reduction

When the number of variables is limited and there are a large number of sample data classified into similar groups, we usually choose to improve the performance of data mining algorithm to achieve data reduction and dimensionality reduction. Dimensionality reduction is simply to reduce the number of variables.

4. Data exploration and data visualization

Data exploration aims to understand the overall situation of the data and detect possible outliers. Data visualization is the use of charts, images and other display means to achieve clear and effective communication and communication of information needs. When it comes to data visualization, we have to mention smartbi, a well-known big data analysis brand. Smartbi’s data visualization function can be said to be very strong. It supports ecarts graphics library, dozens of dynamic interactive graphics including waterfall diagram, tree diagram and relationship diagram, and can realize clear and intuitive observation of data.

The four purposes and three meanings of data analysis must be seen by novice Xiaobai!

These are the four purposes of data analysis, followed by the three meanings of data analysis.

3、 Significance of data analysis

1. Reflect the objective situation completely and scientifically

Through the statistics, analysis and research of the massive data accumulated by the company and the formation of data analysis report, we can get a more complete and scientific objective reflection of the situation, so as to help us make rational and correct decisions and plans, so as to give full play to the important role of data analysis in promoting management and participating in decision-making.

2. Supervise the operation status of the company

By analyzing a large number of data and materials of the company, we can comprehensively and accurately understand the past and current operation status and development changes of the company, and even accurately predict the future development trend of the industry, so as to predict the future development direction of the company and avoid risks. It can also supervise the implementation of principles and policies and the completion of production and operation plans by various departments.

The four purposes and three meanings of data analysis must be seen by novice Xiaobai!

3. Improve the quality of data analysts

Data analysis requires not only data analysts to have basic knowledge of data analysis, but also data analysts to have certain knowledge of economic theory. That is, we should not only master the methods of data analysis, but also understand the relevant economic and technological conditions, have a certain cultural level and the ability of analysis and induction. These requirements are a test of the quality of data analysts and are conducive to improving the quality of data analysts.

Now do you understand the purpose and significance of data analysis? I hope the above content can be helpful to you~