The foreground interface, Vue server rendering and background management interface are the projects of react spa and server node KOA


✨ kite

Website address of front desk Demo:Essays

Background demo website address:Essays admin

Background demo website account: kitetest password: q123456

Compatibility will be compatible with most browsers, too old will give up

? latest version update record

2019.8.1 0:50:00

External version No. v0.10.5, internal version No. beta-0.2 (this update requires cnpm I or NPM I or yarn)

1. New code upgrade program (not fully automatic yet)

2. Add an article publishing editor

3. Optimize SQL table fields

4. Modify other bugs

Version update history

Program upgrade

For the first time, please ignore the following and download the latest version directly. The following is the program for upgrading the old version

Version is divided into internal version and external version. V0.10.5 is external version

Beta 0.1 and beta 0.2 are internal versions and new versions. GitHub will publish the branch of response version

Official is always in sync with the latest version

Versions before 0.2 need to go to / db / lowdb manually/ db.js  Revised in config.version  Is 0.1, type is number

Then back up mysql, / db / lowdb/ db.js , / static / update folder

After the backup, the NPM run kit update upgrade program will judge automatically

? Start

Initial direct git clone

Or beta-0. * or official branch is the latest code

#NPM install || cnpm install installs all the packages. There may be a lot of packages. The front desk and the background are together

Packaging background interface NPM run admin build

Packaging foreground interface NPM run client build

#At present, the database is only developed locally by mysql, and the next phpstudy can be used

Initialize: NPM run init and open the browser localhost:8085  Follow the steps

Then you can choose pro or dev to start

Pro production environment

Pro1.1 enter NPM run server in CMD to enter the program

Pro1.2 (URL or IP) +: 8086 port can see the client home page

Pro1.3 (URL or IP) +: 8086 / Admin port to see the client background page

Dev local development environment

Dev1.1 enter NPM run server start in the CMD to start the interface service

Dev1.2 enter NPM run admin start in CMD to enter the background development preview (address: localhost:8083 )

Dev1.3 enter NPM run client start in CMD to enter the foreground development preview (address: localhost:8081 )

In dev1.4 development environment, you must run dev1.1 before running dev1.2 or dev1.3

There are still some problems in the front-end of the local development preview, which need to be optimized. You must wait for the compilation to complete before opening it, otherwise an error will be reported

At present, some of the code of CLI is in a mess. We will continue to optimize it when we have time later. Ha ha

The email of CLI must be filled in, otherwise the front desk can't send the registered email

The project is written intermittently, and the main body is basically finished. At present, it's about optimizing and correcting bugs, code logic and so on. If you can see it, you can see it, but if you can't, you can skip it. It's also a process of learning by yourself,

Rest assured that this code will be optimized all the time. It has been persisted for a long time. You can see the submission, ha ha

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