The flutter plug-in fluwx IOS is configured to activate wechat


A. installationFluwxplug-in unit

B. configure the Apple App site association file

    "applinks": {
        "apps": [],
        "details": [
                "Appid": "teamid. Application bundid",
                "paths": [ "/app/*" ]

Teamid and application bundid parameter lookup



The flutter plug-in fluwx IOS is configured to activate wechat


3. Clickidentifiers

4. Find your app and click

5. FindEdit your App ID ConfigurationCan seeApp ID PrefixAndBundle ID

6. WillApp ID PrefixAssign toteamID, the contents in brackets are not required; takeBundle IDAssign toApply bundid

7. Appid full data isteamID. Apply bundidDon’t forget the point in the middle

8、pathsThe content generally needs to be given an address to prevent the content of opening the app from being called everywhere in the web page

C. configure associated domains (Apple website)

It is located at nodes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of item b

Capabilities tab page

1. WillAssociated DomainsCheck box selected

2. ClicksaveButton save

D. Xcode configuration


The flutter plug-in fluwx IOS is configured to activate wechat


2. Write the domain name to domains in the following formatApplinks: your domain name, HTTPS is not required

3、Xcode Info–>URL TypesExpand and click the plus sign

Identifierwrite inweixin

URL Schemeswrite inAppid bound in wechat open platform mobile application

4、Xcode Info–> Custom IOS Target Properties–>LSApplicationQueriesSchemesAdd item item

1. AddvaluebyweixinItem

2. AddvaluebyweixinULAPIItem

E. startup configuration of shuttle project

await fluwx.registerWxApi(
        Appid: "appid of wechat open platform mobile application",
        doOnAndroid: true,
        doOnIOS: true,
        Universalink: "configure the domain name of Xcode (HTTPS: // XXXX. COM /)"

Configuration of wechat open platform

1. Enter the open platform to add applications

2. Application interface informationShare with friendsSend to friendsWechat loginOther interface information

3. ModificationDevelopment information,IOS platformIPad platformofUniversal LinksConfiguration, same as that in fluent configurationuniversalLinkagreement

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