The first step is to optimize various driving problems



In the last article, I told you how to be purer and saferReload and activate the systemSo the next series of articles will teach you how to optimize your own computer. Let’s start with the basic drivers.

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First of all, what is driving?

What you should know about driving:

Definition: a driver is a small piece of code added to the operating system that contains information about hardware devices. With this information, the computer can communicate with the device. Drivers are configuration files written by hardware manufacturers according to the operating system. It can be said that without drivers, the hardware in the computer cannot work.
As the name suggests, driver is a tool that drives the target hardware to work. A simple Chestnut: if there were no nerve cells, there would be no brain or spinal cord. The result is that even if people have limbs, they can’t take the initiative to move. The same is true for computers. All kinds of drivers are like neural organizations that build a bridge between “user‘s external input – drive – corresponding target hardware – user’s external input gets results”.

The result of driving an exception?

Possible problems caused by abnormal driving:

1. Black screen
2. No sound (obviously the sound card driver problem)
3. Peripheral failure (USB input device driver problem)
4. Unable to connect to the wireless network (WiFi item disappears), unable to connect to broadband (Red Cross). (obviously, the former is the problem of wireless network card driver, and the latter is the problem of network card driver.)
Wait, wait, wait

How to install the missing or abnormal driver correctly?

Driven installation channels:

1. “Online automatic search drive” function of the system:
① If you are a Windows 7 user:
Step 1:
Step 2: in the device list, find your host.
Step 3: right click on your host and select “device installation settings”
Step 4: follow the steps as shown in the figure below. After saving, the system will automatically search and install the driver that your computer lacks and needs.
② If you are a Windows 10 user:
In fact, the operation steps of win10 and win7 are the same, but win10 defaults to the moment when the system is installedStart installing for youSuitable for your computer hardware driver, or very easy.
I’ll just say one question,How to check the update progress of Current Windows 10 patches, drivers and so on?
Step 1: open the start menu and click the “Settings” gear icon
Step 2: click “update and security”
Step 3: you can see the progress of the system download and update in the page, and the place to get the system update actively in the future is also here.
2. Some driver software in the software market, Driver Wizard, Master Lu, driver life, and driver housekeeper provided by major security software. But I personally don’t recommend using driver software to install drivers. Because everyone’s drivers are different, it’s better to download the corresponding hardware from the official website. For example, if you use Intel’s CPU, you can download the corresponding driver from Intel’s technical support website.

I am a game player, graphics driver is particularly important to me!

If you have an independent graphics card, then you must see the next optimization tutorial, it is likely to make your game experience to be improved by leaps and bounds!

If you are a notebook user, you need the following settings first:
1. Change the power option to “high performance” (if the “high performance” option is not displayed, add a custom one)
How to turn on the power high performance mode: power options → find “create power plan” in the menu bar on the left side of the interface → select “high performance”.
2. If your game has some control center like applications, open it and adjust it to “performance mode”
Hands on friends can turn on the “excellent performance mode”: run windows PowerShell as an administrator, and then type this Code: powercfg – duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61, and then you can see the excellent performance option in the power options

Desktop users ignore these two steps
3. (if it is AMD’s graphics card, please go to the official website to download. AMD yes!) NVIDIA video card users can right-click on the desktop to see if there is “nvida control panel”. If so, it means that your video card driver has been installed(But I’m not sure if it needs to be updated)Next: nvdia control panel → manage 3D settings → global settings → preferred graphics processor → high performance NVIDIA processor → application. Go back to NVIDIA control panel and select Configure surround, PhysX → PhysX settings → geforce GTX 1660ti (your independent graphics card name, 1660ti is an example) → application
4. What if NVIDIA’s video card users right-click on the desktop and find that there is no NVIDIA control panel?
① Go to win10 app store to search NVIDIA control panel, download and install
② After installation, right click on the desktop to see the NVIDIA control panel

Download & installation of video card driver

Listen to me, official download graphics driver

NVIDIA video card official download
Amd video card official download
Take NVIDIA’s graphics card as an example
A picture shows everything: (AMD video card download interface is the same)
After downloading and installing geforce experience, you can scan the wechat code and log in (may get a card).

OK can think of these, if there are omissions, please add to the message board, ask questions, I will timely supplement, reply.
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