The first mass net blockchain system based on the consensus protocol of mass capacity certification will be launched soon


What is capacity consensus agreement

As we all know, consensus mechanism occupies the core position in blockchain technology. In the whole system framework of blockchain, trust is the basis of network operation, while consensus mechanism is the mechanism to maintain trust.

It is well known that pow (proof of work) is a node that calculates the random hash function value (hash function value) of the new block through the operation of CPU / GPU or ASIC chip to obtain the bookkeeping right of the new block. Typical representatives of pow are bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum, etc.

POC (proof of capacity) capacity certification is a consensus algorithm mechanism similar to POW workload certification. Nodes in POC consensus mechanism obtain block rewards by providing hard disk capacity certification. Compared with pow mechanism, POC model can avoid the problems of high energy consumption and computing power centralization caused by POW model. It is a more decentralized consensus algorithm.

Based on POC, the consensus engine of mass builds a consensus layer without permission, fairness, energy saving, security and generality to ensure the fundamental security in the process of public chain operation.

Advantages of mass capacity consensus protocol

Mass capacity proof consensus protocol has the following advantages:

Nodes are not allowed to participate in data maintenance, security boundary similar to Nakamoto consensus agreement, node network evolution tends to be more decentralized, block right competition does not need computing resource consumption, node network can support multiple blockchain instances in parallel, etc.

The mass consensus engine with capacity proof protocol has the following characteristics:


  1. The mass capacity proof protocol based on time space permutation ensures the unforgeability of capacity proof;
  2. Capacity is used as proof and verifiable random function to ensure 51% fault tolerance of mass system;
  3. The branch detection penalty mechanism can resist the annihilation of the main chain caused by nothing at stick attack.


The consensus protocol of mass capacity proof can ensure that the probability of node block out is only related to the effective capacity proof provided by the node, and the proof of effective capacity is not related to the storage medium of data, so that all nodes participating in the maintenance of mass network have similar marginal cost.

Low resource consumption

In the mass capacity proving protocol, only computing resources are consumed when the capacity space is initialized, and the data access to the capacity space is O (1) times when entering the block consensus stage. Therefore, it does not need continuous power input to use the mass capacity certification protocol for block consensus, and the proportion of computer resource consumption is very low when using the mass system for block consensus, which does not affect the normal use of the computer. When the computer does not participate in the consistency maintenance of ledger data in the mass network, it can directly format the capacity space for other purposes.

Universal and highly scalable
In the process of block consensus, nodes only need to access and query the initialization space and do not perform data operations on the initialization space. Therefore, the same capacity space can provide capacity proof for multiple block consensus instances. Nodes using mass capacity proof protocol can support multiple blockchain instances simultaneously and in parallel.

Mass net is the first public chain based on mass consensus engine

Mass net is the first public chain to use the mass consensus engine. It is the value store of the mass consensus engine and will become the value anchor in the mass ecosystem. In the future, there will be more blockchains developed based on the consensus engine of mass, such as the layer1 solution to implement the smart contract function, and the layer2 solution to improve performance. At that time, mass net will become a consensus provider, and the mass currency generated on mass net will also become the media and anchor point of value exchange.

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Next, we will introduce how to ensure the fairness and consistency of the mass consensus. Please look forward to it.