The first harmony OS developer innovation competition officially launched


On December 16, the “harmony OS developer innovation competition” with the theme of “creating infinite possibilities together” was officially launched. The competition started on December 16 and will last until May 15, 2021. It is committed to mining excellent application innovation talents and projects. Through learning from harmonyos, it creatively develops cross terminal applications with new experience and interaction, links related ecological resources, and accelerates the implementation of innovative applications of harmonyos. It is reported that the competition will be selected by 8 authoritative judges at all levels and guided by 20 professional instructors. Through more than 10 offline activities, 23 teams or individuals will finally stand out and get a total value of 1.5 million yuan in cash and material rewards.

The first harmony OS developer innovation competition officially launched

Experience the new development tool chain first, develop innovative applications efficiently

On December 16, at the release of the beta version of harmonyos 2.0 mobile application developers, Huawei brought a series of development tools and interfaces for mobile developers to upgrade the beta version, so that developers can develop cross terminal applications more efficiently and conveniently.

The first harmony OS developer innovation competition officially launched

First of all, the beta version of harmonyos 2.0 mobile application developer encapsulates complex devices into simple interfaces through distributed user program framework and 15000 + APLS, which realizes the characteristics of one-time development and multi terminal deployment, and avoids developers’ repeated development between different devices.

Secondly, the beta version of harmonyos 2.0 mobile application developer can adapt to different screen sizes through the distributed UI framework, thus doubling the development efficiency. There are different interaction modes for different types of devices. The normalized control design of harmonyos allows developers to only focus on the interaction itself and help cross end interaction development.

Third, the new version of the integrated development tool deveco studio 2.0 beta3 has opened 9 sets of mobile application templates, covering news, shopping and other application scenarios, greatly reducing the complexity of code input. At the same time, deveco studio also realizes multi terminal interface preview and real-time feedback, which makes the simulation infinitely close to the real machine, and greatly increases the cross terminal development and debugging efficiency of application developers.

In this harmonyos developer innovation competition, the participating teams will be the first to experience these platform tool chains and ecosystems. In addition, thanks to the perfect development solutions provided by harmonyos for device and application developers, competitors can focus more on business development and innovation, and create their own exclusive innovative applications.

Authoritative tutors and judges give in-depth support to build an innovative developer competition platform

In addition to providing new and upgraded development tools, the competition also invited 20 senior developers in the industry, including Wei Dongshan, a dual degree in physics, electronics and computer from the University of science and technology of China, Li Ning, founder of unitymarvel, Zhu Youpeng, founder of the Internet of things lecture hall, and Zhang Rongchao, a gold medal lecturer, to form a professional tutor team and adopt an innovative tutor guidance mode to help start the competition Hair fast growth, output quality works. Developers can choose their favorite tutors to form a team and enjoy the guidance provided by professional tutors, including track selection, basic training, creative and practical support, work width expansion and other professional suggestions. They can get in-depth support from the tutors in the whole cycle from participation to submission.

In addition to a strong team of mentors, the competition also invited eight industry experts to form a jury, with five aspects of distributed technology features, innovation, fun / practicality, business prospects, and functional completeness as the reference, as the final evaluation criteria, to comprehensively examine the contestants’ works and select high-quality applications.

Cultivate high quality developer innovation soil, harmony OS ecological sustainable prosperity

After a short period of one year’s development, harmonyos has completed the upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0, and released the beta version of harmonyos 2.0 mobile application developer. With the continuous improvement of the version, the construction of the ecosystem is catching up. At present, it has cooperated with top1000’s application partners and more than 20 well-known hardware partners, forming a talent ecosystem of more than 100000. In addition, Huawei has also provided all-round support to developers participating in the construction of harmonyos ecosystem, including developer support team, training courses, development documents, developer community, etc. more than 100000 developers have participated in Huawei enabling activities and actively contributed to the construction of harmonyos ecosystem.

At present, the innovation of mobile Internet is still limited to a single mobile device. Harmonic OS is the operating system in the era of Internet of things. It is committed to creating the experience of full scene super terminal, enabling developers to create an application experience beyond single terminal, easily obtain more traffic entrances, and open the door of new application innovation. It is hoped that developers can quickly enter the field, quickly master the skills based on the platform, and create their own super terminal applications.

Since December 16, the “harmony OS developer innovation competition” has been officially opened. Join the competition and win the next decade of mobile industry first!