The first Chinese! Wu Sheng elected new director of Apache Software Foundation


Technical editor: Ming Fei
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Liu Tiandong, co-founder and director of Kaiyuan society, ASF member, also contributed to this article

At the just concluded ASF annual meeting, new ASF members and board members were born in 2021. Apache Software Foundation announced the election results of the new director through the official blog.

The first Chinese! Wu Sheng elected new director of Apache Software Foundation

Part of the content translation:

At the annual general meeting of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) this week, the following people were elected to the ASF board of directors.

  • Bertrand delactretaz (current director)
  • Roy Fielding (current director)
  • Sharan FOGA (new director)
  • Justin McLean (current director)
  • Craig Russell (current director)
  • Sam Ruby (current director)
  • Roman shaposhnik (returning director)
  • Sander striker (current director)
  • Sheng Wu (new director)

The apchae Software Foundation thanks Shane curcurcuru, Patricia Shanahan and Niclas hedhman (who resigned as directors before the general meeting) for their services and welcomes our new and returning directors.

It’s worth noting that in the fierce election campaign (9 out of 15)Sheng Wu was successfully elected as the new director of Apache Software FoundationHe’s also one of the best in historyThe first director from China

Wu Sheng is the founding engineer of and the founder of Apache skywalking,Apache skywalking VP and PMC membersApache ShardingSphere, Apache APISIX, andApache IncubatorMember of PMC. He witnessed that the open source culture and the acceptance of Apache way in China have increased year by year, and more and more developers have joined the Apache community to become contributors, committers, and even full members of the foundation. In 2020, Wu Sheng was selected as the “open source character on the top of the hearts of 33 Chinese open source pioneers in 2020”.

The first Chinese! Wu Sheng elected new director of Apache Software Foundation

This time, he was elected as a new director of Apache Software Foundation,Wu Sheng said

The success of becoming the first Chinese director of Apache foundation can be said to be the contribution of China to open source, which has been widely recognized by more than 700 members of Apache foundation. We can bring more Chinese culture to the foundation, and promote Chinese developers to learn and join the Apache project and open source.
Open source has just started in China. Apache’s culture and experience are great wealth to us. We need more people to learn, recognize and master open source, and participate in it in the right way.

Open source preacher, founder of open source, member of ALC BeijingI also send my best wishes to him

Mr. Shengwu is really worthy of the name. I have the honor to work together in ALC Beijing. Wu Sheng not only helped to guide the incubation of many projects, but also made a very active mailing list, which is known as “second return”. Apache skywalking community has been continuously expanded, and not only [email protected] Our home court planning, He is also the co chairman of apachecon Asia. He is a model of the open source world.

In addition, seven open source leaders from China were nominated as ASF membersGuo WeiHuang XiangdongLi YuPan JuanWen MingZhang LiangWei-Chiu ChuangIf they all accept the invitation to become full members, the number of ASF members from China is expected to reach 28 (more than 700 in the world).

In the report of Apache foundation for fiscal year 2020, China is the country with the largest download volume of Apache Software. We hope to see that under the leadership of open source leaders, more developers and enterprises in China will not only use open source projects, but also pay more attention to their contribution and participation in open source projects.

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