The first apachecon online conference for the Asia Pacific time zone apachecon Asia 2021 is coming! Speech collection


Apachecon isThe official global conference series of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF)。 As a prestigious open source feast, apachecon has attracted much attention in the open source community and is also one of the well-known activities in the early stage of the open source movement.

As early as 1998, before the establishment of ASF, apachecon has attracted participants at all levels to explore “tomorrow’s technology” in more than 300 Apache projects and their different communities.Also at this session, developers who developed httpd services gathered together and decided to establish the Apache Software Foundation

The first apachecon online conference for the Asia Pacific time zone apachecon Asia 2021 is coming! Speech collection
(the picture shows the first Apache con conference in 1998)

Apachecon is held once a year, usually in Europe or North America,It is a great opportunity for Apache developers to communicate, discuss and meet offline. It is also a rare occasion to share ideas and stir up ideas。 Show the latest development and emerging innovation of Apache project through hands-on implementation, keynote speech, practical case study, training, hacking activities, etc.

Apachecon Asia is coming!

Despite many challenges in 2020, the Apache Software Foundation held its first virtual conference 2020 [email protected] , for many people who used to be unable to attend apachecon in person, it is a great opportunity for them to reach many people online.

Compared with the offline conference of apachecon, which was usually attended by hundreds of people in the past, nearly 3500 people attended the first conference last year [email protected] , enjoyed nearly 200 hours of content, peer meetings and relaxed virtual meetings.

This year, in order to better serve the rapidly growing Apache users and contributors in the Asia Pacific, the apachecon organizing committee and the Apache Software Foundation are pleased to announce that,The first apachecon online conference for Asia Pacific time zone apachecon Asia Conference will be held online from August 6 to 8, 2021

Apachecon will once again show content related to dozens of projects from the Apache Software Foundation, as well as content on the community, how Apache works, the business model around Apache Software, legal issues of open source, and many other topics.


The first apachecon online conference for the Asia Pacific time zone apachecon Asia 2021 is coming! Speech collection

We sincerely invite you to participateSpeech collection

Speech collectionAs of May 3, speakers from all over the world can attend. You can choose to speak in Chinese or English. The speech content can be any amazing introduction or experience related to the Apache project, or topics related to the Apache project community and open source culture.Whether you are a contributor or user of Apache open source project, this speech is open to you

In particular, this year we will solicit speech content around the following topics——

API / microservice API / microservice
Big data
Community open source community
Culture open source culture
Integration integration
Incubator incubator
Messaging messaging system
Streaming flow calculation
Workflow / data governance
Web server web server
Data visualization

If your proposed speech falls into one of the above categories, please select the topic in the CFP registration form. Select general if related to other topics or project areas.

We look forward to seeing your contribution to one of the world’s most popular open source software activities!

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