The first apaas manufacturer settled in the unified information system in China


Mingdao cloud has become the first apaas manufacturer settled in Tongxin ecology in China

On July 7, Tongxin software officially issued the product ecological partner certificate to mingdaoyun. Mingdao cloud private deployment version v2.6.0 has completed the product compatibility and function test in Tongxin server operating system V20, and has officially become an ecological partner of Tongxin operating system V20.
The first apaas manufacturer settled in the unified information system in China

About Tongxin

Unified information software is based on“Create an innovation ecosystem of China’s operating system”China basic software company, with its mission, was jointly established in 2019 by a number of leading operating system manufacturers in China. The company focuses on the R & D and service of basic software such as operating system, and is committed to providing users in different industries with safe, stable, intelligent and easy-to-use operating system products and solutions.

At present, Tongxin operating system products have been integrated withChip manufacturers such as godson, Feiteng, Shenwei, Kunpeng, Hisilicon Qilin, Zhaoxin, haiguang, etcExtensive and in-depth cooperation has been carried out, and all-round compatibility and adaptation work has been carried out with domestic mainstream machine manufacturers and hundreds of domestic and foreign software manufacturers.

About Mingdao cloud

Mingdao cloud is the mainstream zero code apaas product in the Chinese market, which helps enterprises quickly build personalized business applications. Without code development, users can build core business applications such as sales, operation, personnel and procurement with good user experience, get through the internal data of the enterprise, and connect with other systems through API and webhook.Mingdao cloud operation is simple and easy to understand, with flexible implementation, open data, and cross cloud deployment capability.

Mingdao cloud private deployment version supports users to deploy Mingdao cloud on private cloud or private server to ensure data security and smooth operation.People’s Bank of China, mining and metallurgy technology group, Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Fosun Group, Tianjin OTC, Foshan road and bridge project, etcCustomers from banking, finance, manufacturing and public construction industries have chosen Mingdao cloud private deployment products to manage various businesses safely, stably and flexibly.

The first apaas manufacturer settled in the unified information system in China
Features of Mingdao cloud private deployment version
Yuan Hui, senior director of ecological cooperation of Tongxin software, deeply participated in the whole process of product function and ecological verification of both sides. He said: “Tongxin operating system is committed to providing partners with multi-dimensional and rich support and resources.Tongxin cooperated with Mingdao cloud on the whole software product portfolio, and further promoted enterprise users in different scenarios to accelerate their digital transformation process。 At the same time, the two sides provide assistance and cooperation in market, technology, sales, projects and services. In the ecosystem of both sides, the joint efforts of partners have yielded fruitful results in different industries! “

Ren Xianghui, CEO of Mingdao cloud, said: “Tongxin UOS is a representative manufacturer of domestic operating systems. Mingdao cloud is the only apaas software product that has completed the adaptation certification of domestic operating systems.We also have in-depth technical cooperation with Tongxin team to ensure reliable and high-quality product use experience for domestic customers.

The first apaas manufacturer settled in the unified information system in China
In May this year, Tan Huaizhi, the cooperation manager of Tongxin ecology, gave a speech at the Mingdao cloud partners conference to introduce Tongxin ecology
Tongxin software is striving to develop and build an innovation ecosystem with Chinese software and hardware products as the core. At the same time, it continues to strengthen product and technology R & D and innovation, and strive to become a major basic software supplier in the world within a decade. Mingdao cloud will join hands with Tongxin software to provide stable, safe and easy-to-use apaas products and services for more users of Tongxin system and revitalize China’s information innovation industry!

Finally, welcome government agencies and enterprises that are using Tongxin operating system to understand and experience Mingdao cloud private deployment products. For details, please visit:www.mingdao.comThe first apaas manufacturer settled in the unified information system in China

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