The first anniversary of bytecode alliance, serverless wasm, wagi – webassembly weekly 1028


Note: the content of this release is actually the progress of the community last week, not the wrong date


Bytecode Alliance: one year update

Bytecode alliance blogs to celebrate its first anniversary. The big news is that fastly has acquired team wasmtime on the server from Mozilla. After the turmoil, the team returned to focus on technology. The blog article lists the vision of webassembly nanoprocess and the key elements of its implementation: Wasi, reference types and module links. It’s worth reading.

Lightweight design of server free function as a service

The first anniversary of bytecode alliance, serverless wasm, wagi - webassembly weekly 1028

FAAS (function as a service) enables developers to upload and execute code in the cloud without managing servers. FAAS products of leading public cloud providers are based on application container technologies such as system micro VM or firecracker or docker. The author demonstrates that lightweight high-level language runtime (such as webassembly) can provide performance and scalability advantages over existing solutions, and can enable fine-grained on-demand payment business model. They compared the widely used performance benchmarks between docker native and webassembly implementations of the same algorithm, and discussed the barriers to the adoption of webassembly in serverless computing, such as the lack of tool support.

Wagi: the easiest way to create webassembly microservices

This paper describes how to deploy the Wasi function of webassembly as a service in a cloud environment that does not explicitly support the runtime of webassembly. You can use stdin and stdout to pass data between the service host and the webassembly function. The method is tested on azure function. This is different from what we introduced earlierThe method of deploying SSVM function on Tencent cloudSame.

Using ImageMagick to create an interactive GIF test suite

In this paper, the author creates a test suite for GIF decoder in serenity OS. He compiled ImageMagick into a web assembly so that the examples could run interactively in the browser.

Lunatic, the actor system of webassembly

Lunatic is a platform for building actor system, using webassembly instance as actor. Inspired by Erlang, this project supports any language that compiles into a web assembly. However, only rust binding is supported at present.

markdown wasm

Markdown is a very fast markdown parser based on md4c, which is compiled into an HTML render of webassembly.

  • Zero dependency
  • Portable and secure
  • Simple API
  • Fast and efficient
  • JS + wasm gzip compression is only 31 KB

Tensorflow reasoning using webassembly and Wasi

This article shows how to run tensorflow model in webassembly using rust track crite. As for running tensorflow model in webassembly, we have also introduced how to run tensorflow model in webassembly beforeTensorflow API is natively supported in webassembly VMIt’s a good practice.

Tutorial: using webassembly to run go and tinygo in a browser

Follow this guide to create webassembly programs in go and tinygo. I’m glad to see examples of webassembly in addition to rust and C.

Rust news

Looking for rust developers

Embark releases version 0.1 of trust GPU

The goal of the trust GPU project is to make rust a first-class citizen of GPU applications, which is replaced by rust GPURLSLProject.

Lemmy releases version 0.8.0

Lemmy is an alternative to reddit / Hacker News. Lemmy can be self hosting and therefore decentralized. Lemmy was written in rust and Actix.

Introducing ungrammar

Rust analyzer is the “new ide back end” of rust. The team recently released support for ungrammer. Ungrammer is a form of describing specific syntax tree, which is one of the core data structures of IDE.

Building five times faster rust docker with cargo Chef

cargo-chefIs a new cargo subcommand used to build the dependencies of the rust project on a JSON based description file (recipe). In a benchmark,cargo-chefReduce the build time of docker from 10 minutes to 2 minutes.


NetApp introduces a storage free storage platform for k8s applications

NetApp has released a new service called spot storage, which is a server free and storage free solution for software containers.

Serverless concise course on AWS CDK and rest API and data Lake analysis query

How to use AWS CDK to deploy server less applications.

The first anniversary of bytecode alliance, serverless wasm, wagi - webassembly weekly 1028

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