The first 64 bit version of visual studio is coming!


In April this year, Microsoft developer blog announced that it would release the preview version of visual studio 2022 this summer, which aroused a lot of expectations. Fortunately, Microsoft didn’t let us wait too long,Visual studio 2022 Preview 1 has been released recently, and the first 64 bit visual studio is finally available!

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This release is designed to test and adjust the scalability of the latest 64 bit version. At present, the 64 bit version of visual studio can expand the use of all system resources to improve the reliability of visual studio, especially when using complex solutions or using visual studio for a long time. In addition, the 64 bit version will affect every part of visual studio, so the scope of this preview version is much larger than that of the previous preview version.

Microsoft said that the preview version of visual studio 2022 can be installed side by side with earlier versions of visual studio, and can be used free of charge in three versions (community, professional and enterprise versions).

The first 64 bit version of visual studio is coming!

The new features of this version are mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

  • 64 bit upgrade: make full use of all the resources of your computer to scale visual studio to the largest projects and complex workloads without running out of memory. Users can still continue to run and debug 32-bit applications.
  • With. Net 6: use. Net 6 and. Net Maui framework to develop cross platform and cloud applications. Generate, debug and test. Net applications in Linux environment.
  • Intellicode upgrade: by better understanding the coding context and taking advantage of the code patterns of nearly 500000 open source repositories, intellicode can now automatically complete large blocks of code (up to one full line at a time).

However, some work has not been completed to transfer visual studio to 64 bit version. A small number of features of visual studio 2019 are not included in Visual Studio 2022 Preview 1 version, and some extension updates cannot be used immediately in Visual Studio 2022.

Most of the upgrades of Preview 1 are related to 64 bit support. Starting from preview 2, Microsoft will release more new features and performance improvements. See the visual studio roadmap for details(… )。

Microsoft said that the first preview version of visual studio 2022 for Mac will be launched soon.

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