The father of XML leaves the company angrily because of dissatisfaction with Amazon’s measures to prevent and control the epidemic


The father of XML leaves the company angrily because of dissatisfaction with Amazon's measures to prevent and control the epidemic

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After 5 years and 5 months of Amazon’s happy work, the father of XML, vice president of Amazon, senior engineerTim BrayBecause Amazon left the company angrily due to its ineffective measures to prevent and control the epidemic.

Tim Bray said in an open letter that the decision cost him a happy job with an annual salary of $1 million and he felt depressed.

Event history

The epidemic is coming. The story of the riots inside Amazon surfaced, with e-commerce warehouse workers warning that they were unaware, unprotected and fearful.

The official statement said all possible security precautions had been taken. Then, a leader in the campaign for a safe working environment was fired.

Then e-commerce warehouse workers reached out to aecj for support.

In response, they publicized the petition internally and organized a video conference call on Thursday, April 16, to invite e-commerce warehouse workers from all over the world. The guest was Naomi Klein, an activist.

Two of Tim Bray’s colleagues, Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa, were involved. Unexpectedly, the two well-known leaders of aecj were fired on the spot on the day of the event.

Tim Bray believes that management could have opposed the event, or asked to exclude outsiders, or asked the leadership to send representatives to participate, or do anything else; the company has enough time to arrange these. Instead, they just fired the activists.

He collapsed on this point and chose to resign.

Who is Tim Bray

Tim Bray is one of the founders of the markup language XML, which is used to tag electronic documents and make them have structure.

With the appearance of ASCII, people can communicate with computers in human character language. With the appearance of HTML, the visual network is coming. With the emergence of XML, we are pushed to another peak of network, which enables people to collect and process data more effectively.

It makes information more integrated and productivity further improved.

Tim Bary’s past experience:

  • Between December 2014 and April 2020, he was employed by , senior chief technologist, then Vice President / distinguished engineer, responsible for a series of Amazon Web services in the Vancouver office, including Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon Simple notification service (SNS), AWS step function, Amazon eventbridge and Amazon MQ.
  • In 2014 he was a consultant to auth0.
  • From March 2010 to March 2014, he was an employee of Google.
  • From March 2004 to February 2010, he was an employee of Sun Microsystems.
  • Between the beginning of 2000 and the end of 2003, he was an employee of Antarctica systems.

The father of XML leaves the company angrily because of dissatisfaction with Amazon's measures to prevent and control the epidemic

But Tim Bary is getting better and better. Many famous companies have offered him olive branches, although he has not yet joined any of them.

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