The essence reads thirteenth times the common eight kinds of problems that cause APP memory leak.


This issue is the 13th issue of mobile development elite club articles, are mainly technology-based, so here is not much to repeat, let’s directly look at the dry goods content! This paper is organized by itom management platform oneapm.

MVVM (building block) patterns in real projects – Prologue

Guide: before opening, paste the app store address of iosapp based on the design pattern: Through the design mode that the author wants to talk about, three people are busy with the maintenance of other projects at the same time, from the start to the shelf, it took a month. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring the quality of the project, agile development and how to maintain multi person collaborative development, and later new requirements code iteration, are the problems solved by this design pattern.

π OS System

Introduction: inexhaustible from the point of probability, any group of numbers (such as birthday, ID number, password, even a book or digitization of a file) can find a location in the infinite number of PI. In this way, we can map any number and file to the digital axis of π. And describe the number or file content by location and length. π OS is a storage system which only provides two interfaces based on this mechanism.

Eight common problems leading to app memory leakage

Guide: one of the benefits of a garbage collection language like Java is that programmers don’t have to manually manage memory allocation. This reduces the flashback caused by segmentation faults and heap space expansion caused by memory leaks, making the code safer. However, memory leaks are still possible in Java. So your Android App may still waste a lot of memory, or even flash back due to out of memory (OOM).

IOS applications support IPv6, that’s all

Guide: if Apple yawns, there will be a storm in the IOS industry. Since Apple explicitly stipulated in early May that all developers should submit new versions after June 1 to support IPv6 only networks, people began to study how to support IPv6 and which modules in the application do not support IPv6 at present.

IOS gets the MAC address of mobile phone

Guide: first of all, the following two methods can obtain the MAC address of the mobile phone, but there is a limitation that can be obtained only after IOS.

Introduction to IOS AutoLayout

Guide: once the logical resolution of iPhone and iPad screens was only one size, so it is very happy to develop applications on IOS. We don’t need to face a large number of screen sizes and resolutions. However, with the appearance of iPhone 5, 6, 6 plus, iPad pro, and the support of split screen and multitasking provided by IOS, we should deal with the layout of different resolutions in IOS Development has become very important.

How to build a complete live video system?

Guide: This article is a question and answer article of Zhihu. Interested students can read it directly.

[dry goods] Super full data analysis data free download (including SQL, R language, SPSS, SAS, python, data mining)!

Guide: knowledge summary, you are worth seeing!

PCH is toxic and should not be overused

Guide: in daily development, there are many places where foundation and UIKit will be used. Before using, you need to import the header file. Similar to ා include ා C language, import will copy the code in the header file, but ා import can avoid repeated references.

Source code analysis of f8app reactnative project 3-android

Guide: Recently, I started to study the Facebook f8app project. The goal is to understand the overall technical architecture of Facebook’s official react native f8app, provide official experience for the company’s current several react native project development, and integrate native development and react native development at the framework level.

Source code analysis of Facebook f8app reactnative project 4-js

Guide: This article starts to analyze the source code of the core JS part of f8app. This article will be very difficult to understand, because Redux framework introduces many new concepts and uses a large number of functional programming ideas. It is recommended to read the reference articles carefully before reading this article.

The essence reads thirteenth times the common eight kinds of problems that cause APP memory leak.

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