The difference between server hosting and server renting


The difference between server hosting and server renting
At present, enterprises with relatively high requirements for servers will want to use their own servers to run their own websites. When choosing independent server business, how to choose between server hosting and server renting becomes a problem that many people need to consider. What are the similarities and differences between server hosting and server renting? We will do a comb in the following article.
First of all, we need to understand what is server hosting and server leasing
Server hosting refers to that the client purchases the server by himself and then gives the server to IDC service provider for management and maintenance in the computer room provided by the service provider. The ownership and use right of the server are owned by the client and only need to pay the service provider’s management fee. In the hosting service, IDC service provider is only responsible for providing management, the server’s hardware is damaged, the computer room is not responsible for maintenance, and the customer needs to solve the problem by himself.
Server leasing refers to that customers rent existing servers of IDC service providers. Users only need to select configuration conditions according to their own requirements and sign leasing contracts with IDC service providers. However, the ownership of the server still belongs to IDC business. Users only have the right to use the server. IDC is responsible for daily maintenance and solves the hardware problems of the server.
User input
Server hosting requires users to configure their own servers. On the one hand, users need to invest extra time to select and purchase the corresponding server accessories. On the other hand, in case of host failure and problem handling, they also need to solve it by themselves. Compared with the time and energy input, it is more intensive.
The server rental uses the host provided by IDC. Users only need to select the required configuration. Later maintenance is done by IDC. Relative time costs less than managed services.
Performance and development
Server leasing is a fixed model product selection provided by IDC, so there is not much room for upgrading. While server hosting is completely at the user’s discretion to upgrade, and the upgrade space is at the user’s discretion, although the user’s own requirements are relatively high. In addition, users are required to participate in the upgrading and expansion process, and the cost of personnel is relatively large.
Users can set the purchase server according to their needs, which undoubtedly increases the security and stability of the server. For the website, security and stability are very important.
The price of server hosting is expensive. For users, there must be a price gap between self configuring servers and unified purchasing configurations by IDC vendors. Compared with the rental service, the deployment and other work in the hosting need to be completed by itself, which undoubtedly increases the cost of use.
Ease of use
In the server hosting service, the user needs to purchase the configured server and then mail or transport it to the computer room, which is relatively time-consuming in the process. In the server rental service, the user only needs to sign a contract and then use it.
Through the comparison of the above two ways, we can draw a conclusion: for the place far away from the computer room, we can choose to rent the server, which saves the time. If it’s not far from the computer room, it’s better to purchase the server by yourself and put it in the computer room for hosting, even if the price is more expensive than renting. If you are making your own OA system, or internal data of the enterprise, you can consider buying your own server. If you don’t know which server to buy, you can get in touch with IDC data center first, then see which server is more suitable, and then buy it yourself.
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