The difference between Repeater and Retimer



Repeater and Retimer belong to Signal Conditioning chips. Their functions are both signal equalization and enhancement, but there are some differences in specific functions.


Also known as Redriver, only in the physical layer of the signal equalization (EQ) and re-emphasis (De-emphasis), such as TI DS100KR800 integrated CTLE at the receiving end, can provide 10.3125Gbps (5GHz) received signal enhancement of the largest 36dB, can be due to the ISI effect and almost closed eye chart reopened; in the transmission side to provide the largest – 12dB. De-emphasis.


In addition to all the functions of Repeater, CDR is added to remove jitter from received signal effectively.

Advanced Retimer (Retimer with DFE)

In addition to the full functionality of Retimer, it also integrates several tap DFEs, which can effectively reduce the cross talk of received signals.

A comparison between repeater and retimer

The difference between Repeater and Retimer

Application scenarios of Repeater and Retimer

The devices in the figure are all TI’s signal conditioning devices, in which:

  • DS100RT410: Ordinary retimer
  • DS100DF410: retimer with DFE

The difference between Repeater and Retimer

The device in the figure is TI’s device, in which:

  • DS100KR401: repeater

The difference between Repeater and Retimer