The difference between a card and N card of computer graphics card


Many friends are confused about the choice of graphics card for computer assembly, whether to choose a card or n card, and what’s the difference between a card and N card? Here we will popularize this knowledge.

A card refers to ATI, a graphics card manufacturer, but after ATI was acquired by AMD, we also call a card amd graphics card, so the latest graphics card ladder is marked with AMD graphics card.
N card refers to NVIDIA, another graphics card manufacturer. NVIDIA’s most famous product line is the geforce display card series for games. So in the end, what is the difference between a card and N card? Xiaobian after testing and collection, detailed comparison from many aspects. (for the sake of understanding, no professional details)

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two graphics cards in terms of processing power

1. Advantages of N card and disadvantages of a card

Each stream processor in the GPU of card n has a complete Alu (arithmetic logic unit) function, and each stream processor can work fully when an operation instruction is issued. However, the five stream processing units of each stream processor in the GPU of card a are fixed, and cannot be disassembled and reorganized. If each stream processor can only process one 4D instruction when processing pure 4D instruction, there is only one stream processor The unit is idle, but cannot join other combinations to work together.

In short, when an instruction task is dispatched, the GPU of N card needs one “person” to work independently. The GPU of a card needs five “people”. Although ATI has a large number of people who work in groups, four of the five “people” may be idle, because these four “people” do not have independent and complete Alu function, and can not perform function operation, floating-point operation and multipy operation.

2. The disadvantages of N card and the advantages of a card

ATI’s design also has its remarkable feature – powerful floating-point computing. In other words, if the display core’s ability in floating-point operation is simply compared, ATI may be better. In terms of scientific computing, which is widely used in GPGPU (general graphics processor) projects, ATI can theoretically adapt to the trend of GPU and CPU platforms.

In terms of cost performance: a card will be more cost-effective. Before 2012, a card will be better than n card in audio-visual and graphic design. And N card is the winner in terms of game performance. Of course, the difference between the two graphics cards is not so big for most of our computer users.

From the perspective of the game: it is recommended to choose n card (before 2012), because most of the games are only optimized for n card. There is a saying that when playing games, n card is powerful, a card is gorgeous; n card is like a man, a card is like a woman. However, this sentence was said many years ago. In the past, the driver of a card’s graphics card was not perfect, which led to the lack of performance in the game. Now the situation has greatly improved.

These two views of HD design and choosing the corresponding graphics card for playing games are left over from the past, which leads to the majority of people still think so. In fact, the difference between the latest n card and a card in the game is that they have their own advantages and disadvantages. In most game tests, they have their own advantages and disadvantages.

3. Which is better, a card or n card?

Each has its own characteristics, depending on the needs.
A card is amd graphics card, n card is NVIDIA graphics card.
Generally, a card is used in professional drawing design. The color degree of a card is good, while n card is not as good as a card. But the game is better. The software of a card of the same level is better than n card , the difference is not too big, slightly higher, but the game performance n card has physical acceleration, n card will perform better than a card, n card driver is mature, for the game this is very hard, a card driver, for the game here is easy to have problems, so like the game, most people will choose n card, better stability, if you are a hardware master, know how to deploy these things West, a card and N card are the same for you. You know your own needs. If it’s Xiaobai, you’d better go directly to n card and play everything the same.

Generally speaking, n card and a card are different in architecture, but in order to be compatible with all kinds of software and hardware, they are designed according to certain standards, so the performance is the same. The launch of each single game is a landmark publicity effect, and the support tendency of single game manufacturers has become a place for the two companies to compete. Therefore, we often see the two brands in turn. And this phenomenon leads to a considerable number of beginners into a misunderstanding: who supports more games, whose graphics card is good. In fact, the fact is not so simple. In the eyes of every game vendor, there will always be only a number of players, and they will not be stupid enough to give up one for the sake of the other. Therefore, even if the game is claimed to be optimized for one graphics card, it will leave a certain degree of backwardness for the other. Therefore, in most game tests, even if two graphics cards win or lose each other, the gap is not big.

Finally, developpaer Xiaobian relatively likes a card, the reason is that in terms of cost performance and video card exchange, a card performs better than n card (only for the performance of several a cards and N cards Xiaobian has tested).