The difference and connection between get and post in network programming


Differences and connections:

1. Get is to get data from the server, and post is to transfer data to the server.

2. Get adds the data in the form in the form of variable = value to the URL that action points to, and the two use the “? Connection, while the variables use the” & “connection. Post is to put the data in the form into the data body, and pass it to the URL that action points to according to the corresponding way of variables and values.

Therefore, from the above two conclusions can also be drawn:

1. The amount of data transferred by get is small and cannot be larger than 2KB, which is mainly due to the limitation of URL length. Post transfers a large amount of data, so only post can be used for uploading files. It is generally defaulted to unlimited. But in theory, the maximum volume in iis4 is 80Kb, and 100kb in iis5.

2. Get security is very low (because users can see it through the URL), and post security is high (all its operations are invisible to users). But the execution efficiency is better than post method.

3. Get limits the data set value of form form to ASCII characters, while post supports the whole ISO10646 character set; cleaning cloth

4. Get is the default method of form;

5. The data submitted by get method is obtained by request. Querystring() on the server side, and the data submitted by post method is obtained by request. Form() (this is not very clear);


1. If it contains confidential information, it is recommended to use post data submission method;

2. In data query, it is recommended to use get method, while in data addition, modification or deletion, it is recommended to use post method;