The database quasi real-time data synchronization platform has become a new engine, and Shanxi securities has accelerated with datapipeline


The database quasi real-time data synchronization platform has become a new engine, and Shanxi securities has accelerated with datapipeline
Recently, Shanxi Securities Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanxi securities) and datapipeline jointly announced that the database quasi real-time data synchronization platform built by datapipeline assisted Shanxi securities was officially put into use. The implementation of the project is of great significance to promote Shanxi securities to realize standardized and intensive data management, promote the operation of digital enabled enterprises, and enhance its lasting core competitiveness.

Digital transformation needs to build a new path of real-time data fusion

Shanxi securities, founded in 1988, is one of the first securities companies in China. Its business scope basically covers all securities fields and provides comprehensive and high-quality comprehensive financial services to more than 2 million customers. In recent years, with the upgrading of customer demand and fierce market competition, securities companies have sought to explore the transformation of brokerage business to wealth management, hoping to solve the problem of low service coverage of traditional mode. It has become a consensus to build a differentiated competitive advantage with an intelligent operation system. Under this circumstance, we should deeply realize that the whole process of Shanxi securities can not be separated from the “real-time data management”, and strive to provide customers with personalized services.

Shanxi Securities said: “the business of securities companies is naturally closely related to data, and data has gradually become the most important intangible asset of securities companies. Driven by new technologies and new market conditions, the securities industry has successively started the digital transformation and development with the improvement of the middle and back office operation support ability as the core. Through the deep integration of science and technology and finance, we can further tap market opportunities and improve service ability and level, so as to comprehensively improve the customer experience.”

In order to realize data enabled innovative business and ensure timely and accurate business decisions, it is necessary to get through the company’s transaction data, customer data, risk data, behavior data, product data and other internal data as well as market data, industrial and commercial data, public opinion and other external data in real time. This requires the IT system to establish a real-time link from data to business applications, provide rich and timely data for the intelligent service platform, and realize cross analysis.

Join hands with datapipeline to build a flexible, agile, intelligent and efficient real-time data platform

After 32 years of operation, Shanxi securities has 15 branches, 128 business departments and 25 futures business outlets. Its business is distributed in many sectors, such as wealth management, asset management, investment management, investment and financing, research, futures, international business and so on. In order to achieve the goal of real-time integration of massive data generated by multiple business systems and efficiently support the data access needs of business departments such as intelligent marketing, intelligent decision-making, intelligent service and intelligent risk control, Shanxi securities needs to integrate billions of data from core business systems such as valuation platform, business investment system, counter system, information system and CRM system to real-time computing platform and big data business system. In the face of urgent and complex needs, heterogeneous data sources and diverse service modes, it is key to build a flexible and open technical architecture and improve the ability to respond to needs quickly and accurately. If the project chooses self-study, it needs to pay a high cost of development manpower and time. Therefore, Shanxi securities chose to join hands with datapipeline to build a flexible, agile, intelligent and efficient real-time data fusion platform.

The database quasi real-time data synchronization platform has become a new engine, and Shanxi securities has accelerated with datapipeline

Shanxi securities solution architecture

Datapipeline real-time data fusion products support a wide range of data node types through a variety of real-time data technologies, assist Shanxi securities in building a business goal oriented data link, and quickly customize, deploy and execute data tasks on demand, so as to support various scenarios from traditional data processing to real-time data application. The product has the following characteristics:

The log based real-time incremental data acquisition technology ensures the comprehensiveness and accuracy of real-time data.

Use the configuration platform of hierarchical management and on-demand service to improve the efficiency of it agile development and easily realize zero code delivery.

Distributed engine and component level high availability ensure the stability and high error tolerance of real-time links.

Finance + real-time data fusion: from basic support to business empowerment, innovation is far from stopping

With the launch of the database quasi real-time data synchronization platform based on datapipeline real-time data fusion products, heterogeneous data stored in nearly ten different databases are opened up, and massive data are gathered and distributed. Hundreds of real-time data tasks provide accurate, reliable and consistent batch and real-time data for various departments such as business operation and business decision-making, as well as various scenarios such as intelligent investment consultant, intelligent customer service and risk management.

Shanxi Securities said: “Guided by business and customers, we comprehensively combed and effectively reconstructed the process, organically combined the business, process and it into the system platform, realized the unified management and effective utilization of various internal resources and data, and brought profound changes to the customer portrait, product design, business model, business process, risk management, fund allocation, data collection and analysis of the securities industry. Datapipeline enterprise level database is quasi real-time The data synchronization platform has been successfully launched in Shanxi securities, which meets our needs in terms of the accuracy of real-time synchronization of heterogeneous data, system stability, ease of use and security management, and realizes the collection, integration and synchronization of real-time data, laying a solid foundation for the transformation of Shanxi securities from economic business to wealth management. This not only reduces the cost of manually developing data fusion platform of Shanxi securities, but also speeds up the release of real-time data value. In the future, the two sides will explore more scenarios and promote the landing of more real-time applications. “

Continuously optimizing the financial service experience and improving the financial service level are the inexhaustible source power of financial science and technology innovation of Shanxi securities. Its innovation in the field of Finance + real-time data fusion is far from stopping. I believe that with the in-depth research of Shanxi securities in AI algorithm, intelligent investment model and other fields in the future, the application scenario of financial + real-time data fusion continues to extend, and the value of real-time fusion of global data will become more and more important. Datapipeline will help Shanxi securities break the isolation of complex heterogeneous data and processes, better meet the needs of flexible and safe financial services, and help improve its intelligent wealth management services.

The database quasi real-time data synchronization platform has become a new engine, and Shanxi securities has accelerated with datapipeline

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