The daily adjustment amount exceeds 60 billion times, and HMS core hIaI Foundation helps the efficient development of AI applications


With the continuous evolution of new technology, artificial intelligence has been widely used in education, finance, logistics, retail, transportation, medical and other fields. With the rapid development of AI, efficient development has become more important. How to deeply integrate creative ideas with AI technology and quickly transform them into landing AI applications is the key for developers to win in the fierce competition.

In order to help developers quickly launch AI business and provide consumers with innovative AI experience, HMS core hIaI foundation opens the underlying hardware capabilities in the hIaI ecosystem and provides developers with more than 300 AI operators with high-quality model compatibility in the industry, so that developers can more easily and quickly apply Huawei AI capabilities and quickly build intelligent AI applications.

In addition, Huawei hIaI foundation also launched a variety of solutions and capabilities such as end cloud collaboration, multi IP deep collaboration, self-tuning toolkit and model zoo to create a computing environment with higher performance and lower power consumption for many business scenarios and help developers quickly develop and deploy AI applications.

Five performance advantages to help developers develop efficiently and flexibly

• end cloud collaboration: provide solutions for performance optimization and rapid platform upgrade for new business scenario operators and existing typical business scenario operators

At present, AI services and algorithm models are evolving continuously and rapidly, and the rapid upgrading of AI computing platform to adapt to new services and new algorithms has become a difficult problem. End cloud collaboration has the ability to quickly upgrade the end-side computing library, help developers quickly support new models and launch new services, and enable consumers to quickly improve the experience brought by end-side AI.

• model Zoo: assist developers to optimize the model structure and make better use of the acceleration advantages of NPU

In the process of business development, in order to make greater use of the underlying computing power, developers need to make some model adjustments for the underlying hardware structure. This process may have low efficiency and insufficient resource utilization. HIaI foundation creates a model zoo, which puts NPU friendly model structure, backbone and operator into it for developers to choose by themselves to help them optimize the model structure and give better play to the acceleration advantages of Kirin chip NPU.

• model quantification Toolkit: make developers’ apps faster and smaller

Under normal circumstances, the model trained by developers is 32bit. Although the calculation accuracy of this model is high, it also has high requirements for mobile phone power consumption and memory. HIaI Foundation provides a model quantification toolkit for developers. On the premise of meeting the calculation accuracy, the original model can be directly quantified into a smaller, lighter and more suitable low bit model for NPU structure without secondary adjustment by developers, so as to save mobile phone space and reduce the consumption of computing resources.

HIaI foundation model quantification Toolkit

• Network Structure Search Kit: make network design simpler and more effective

The network structure search toolkit supports many types of network structure search tasks, including classification, detection and segmentation. Through precision, performance target traction, collaborative hardware information, the optimal network structure is obtained through the optimization search algorithm, and the optimal performance is improved. The network structure search toolkit supports a variety of mainstream training framework enablers, including Caffe, tensorflow and pytorch. At the same time, it has the ability of computing power and time delay modeling for a variety of mainstream hardware platforms.

HIaI Foundation Network Structure Search Kit

• multi IP deep collaboration: all computing units share DDR memory to improve performance and reduce power consumption

HIaI foundation not only has the open computing power of hardware, but also has the advantage of deep cooperation of multiple IPS at the bottom of hardware. The advantage of multi IP deep collaboration is that CPU, NPU, ISP, GPU and other computing IPS can share DDR memory to minimize the overhead of copying data flow between IPS, which can not only improve performance but also reduce power consumption.

From the perspective of platform architecture, HMS core hIaI foundation connects smart services and underlying hardware capabilities. The upper layer supports the framework docking of partners such as MNN, TNN, Huawei mindspot Lite, paddy lite and kwainn. AI tasks are transferred into IP such as NPU / CPU / GPU / DSP for calculation by using foundation DDK and heterogeneous computing platform (Foundation HCl), enabling mobile phones, tablets, smart screens, car machines, watches and other terminal devices, Bring more fun and cool AI applications to consumers.

HIaI foundation open architecture

The daily adjustment volume exceeded 60 billion, leading the construction of end-to-side AI industry standards

Nowadays, AI has become more and more widely used in people’s face and image recognition, and it is expected that AI will be more widely used in people’s side and image recognition. HIaI Foundation provides a basic guarantee for AI application development, allowing developers to break through performance bottlenecks, improve development efficiency, save computing resources, better invest in the research and implementation of AI playing methods, and meet consumers’ good expectations for smart life.

According to statistics, since its opening in 2018, hIaI foundation has gained more and more developers’ favor with high performance, low power consumption and high ease of use. In just a few years, the daily call volume has increased from 1 million + to 60 billion + (the data comes from users participating in the experience improvement program). Iqiyi, Meiyan camera, Tiktok, Jianying, Kwai, Youku and other head applications have been successively accessed to the hIaI foundation, making use of the powerful computing power of the end-to-end AI to create a new intelligent experience for users.

The daily consumption of hIaI foundation exceeded 60 billion+

In order to promote the prosperity and development of the end-side AI industry, while optimizing the performance of the platform, hIaI foundation has joined the AI standardization organization aitisa (AI industry technology innovation strategic alliance), and participated in the drafting of the end-side AI standard to jointly build the AI industry standard. At present, the draft has entered the final draft review stage of the standard.

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