The core concept of t-tdsql enables data


Why should t-tdsql implement full temporal database?

Behind the original technology, what drives the t-tdsql team to make such an all temporal database system?

These problems are actually more important. Excavating the causes of these problems and working hard to advocate originality are the value factors that tdsql team pays more attention to when it is committed to technology sharing.

In the view of the tdsql team,“Data is valuable, historical data is valuable”。 In business, mining the value of data is a very important part, which is also the content of many people’s thinking. It is very meaningful to think that any data has value.

Therefore, the view after thinking about the t-tdsql project is“Historical data are valuable. Business is a sword, Technology is only ashield.”。 So, what is a shield? What is a sword? What is the relationship between shield and sword?

In tdsql’s view, technology is just a defensive tool to turn dreams into reality. Dream is a beautiful vision that technicians want to use various tall and sophisticated technologies to solve practical problems, such as the cool use of various technologies such as distribution, consistency, snapshot, RDMA, NVM, AI, full data mining and so on. Business is just an offensive tool for discovering dreams. Tdsql does not advocate the view that business is king, but the left-hand shield and the right-hand sword should be hard on both hands. However, only the left-hand shield and the right-hand sword, walking in the technical Jianghu, can only achieve the dream of being chivalrous and righteous. Behind it, there is a lack of support for the soul.

Historical data is valuable. In (Finance / Tencent / Internet / everything…) business, mining the value of data is more meaningful.

However, we have made further progress.

The creation of data is determined by users and their business. They are Party A who creates data. The database carries the responsibility of data management. Can the database system also participate in the creation of data?

In the view of the tdsql team,The concept of full temporal is the best opportunity for database system to participate in data creation.The database system assigns transaction tenses to data, event sources during DML operation, and even association relationships between data (such as 5W and lineage in the figure below), which makes the database system become the creator of data.

This is the driving factor behind our technology and business: the concept of “enabling data”.

Supported by the concept of “enabling data”, t-tdsql based on tdsql was born.Empowering data can make data have more value, turn the database into a data producer and participate in the creation of data. The following figure shows that t-tdsql enables data from the perspective of 5W, so that the data has time (BI temporal, when), place (stored history table, where), person (user ID, who), object (full data, what), reason (DML and other operations, why) and other elements, so that the data is no longer just the data created by the user using the CREATE TABLE statement, It contains a variety of valuable data created by the database system, and integrates the data history into the data life cycle, making it rich in depth.

With these, the database system can more actively trace the history of data, deduce the changes of data, and predict the future of data (World).

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