The concept of business intelligence and its information system architecture


With the development of China’s modern society, the rapid rise of E-commerce makes China’s commerce enter an intelligent era. More and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the intelligent information system, and hope to apply the intelligent information system project management to promote the upgrading of enterprise services, improve the sales volume of enterprise products, make enterprises obtain higher economic benefits and occupy a place in the fierce market environment. At present, the information system based on business intelligence has become the key to the success of a project. In depth study of information system project management based on business intelligence has important practical significance for the development of China’s business field.

The concept of business intelligence and its information system architecture

  1. The concept of business intelligence

In order to obtain more economic benefits, the so-called business intelligence refers to the application of relevant technical means, collation, analysis and valuable data, so that users can access these value data, so as to provide users with reliable decision-making and guide business development. Intelligent operation is the operation of data input, output and processing, through these operations can save a lot of manpower and material resources, and intelligent operation can accurately analyze a lot of data, and then realize scientific decision-making. In the field of business intelligence, the main technologies involved are cloud computing technology, big data technology, Internet technology, etc. Through these technologies, we can carry out short-term and fast calculation on massive data, and mine potential laws from massive data.

  1. Architecture

Based on business intelligence information system, it is mainly divided into data warehouse, data backup and storage, data restoration, data processing and online analysis and mining and other components. Based on business intelligence information system, it can quickly remove cumbersome and useless data from a large number of data mining valuable data. The information system can realize data conversion and store the converted value data in the data warehouse. Through the use of data mining and analysis tools for in-depth analysis and processing of data, so as to provide the corresponding decision-making basis for the development of enterprises.

The information system based on business intelligence is a progressive form in architecture, which can screen and process the data accordingly, so as to obtain the value data needed by the enterprise and provide reference for enterprise decision-making.

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