The Concept and Usage Analysis of Regular Expressions


This paper illustrates the concept and usage of regular expression looping. Share for your reference, as follows:

1. Looking around is also called pre-search and zero-width assertion.

2. Circumferential vision is further divided into

         (?=exp)Affirmative sequential glance

         (?<=exp)Positive Reverse Sequence Looking around

         (?!exp)Negative Sequence Looking around

         (?<exp)Negative Reverse Sequence Looking around

3. Looking around occupies only logical position, not physical position.

For example: matching files with suffix name TXT

Characters: file. txt, file2. exe rules\w(?=.exe)Match string File2

4. Usage of Looking around

(?= exp) Two uses of affirmative sequential looping

1. Finding the phone number is 132.

Character: My work number is 132. My telephone number is 13244444. My 158 is 15822222.

regular(?=\d{11})132\d{8}Matching 13244444444

Explanation: Match 132 and 158 numbers first, then match the number 2 according to the expression on the left.

(2) Find files with suffix name TXT

Character file1.txt file2.exe

regular\w+(?=.exe)Match string File2

(?<=exp) Affirms the use of reverse looping

(1) Get the file suffix of the specified file

Character file1.text file2.exe fiel3.jpg

regular(?<=[/\w]+\.)\w+Matching character text exe jpg

PS: Here are two very convenient regular expression tools for your reference.

JavaScript Regular Expressions Online Testing Tool:

Online Generation Tool for Regular Expressions:

I hope that this paper will be helpful for regular expression learning.

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