The computer time of Windows XP system is always not allowed. How to fix the correct computer time?


XP system computer time is always wrong how to solve? When many Windows XP users use computers, they often find that the clock time becomes inaccurate every time the computer time passes. It is troublesome to modify the time manually every time. So, what about the inaccurate time of WinXP system? How to solve this problem? The following edition will share with you the method of repairing the correct computer time, which is very practical.

The correct way to fix computer time is:

1, let’s start with the first case. After the boot of a computer, the time is very serious. It may be a few months ago or a few years ago. This is not the problem of time error. That is the situation that the button cell in the motherboard will be out of power. Solved.

Tip: When such a problem occurs, it must be abnormal when booting up. Generally, it is necessary to press F1 or ESC or Enter keys to enter the system.

2. If it is not the first case, the time is only slightly different, then set it as follows. First, open the “Control Panel” in the Start Menu.

3. After entering the control panel, find the item “Date and Time” and double-click.

4. In the property window of “Time and Date” which is open, modify it at “Time”, if you want to modify year or month, change it at the corresponding place. As shown below, after correction, press OK.

5. If we want to synchronize the time on the computer with the time on the network:

(1) The term “Internet time” should be chosen.

(2) Then check “Automatically synchronize with Internet Time Server” in its interface.

(3) Select “server” and generally default to “”.

(4) Then press “Update Now”.

(5) If synchronization with the network is successful, prompts will pop up.

(6) Press “Apply” and “Determine” to save settings and exit.

6. If the time has not been updated successfully after clicking “Update Now”, it is likely that the time service has not been opened. This is the time service of the system that must be opened. Open the method, open the “run” program in the beginning, and then enter the services. MSc command, confirm, you can enter the service window.

7. In the service window, drag the right scrollbar to find the item “Windows Time” and double-click.

8. After entering the Windows Time property window, set the startup type to “automatic” under “normal”. Then press “Apply”.

9. After setting the startup type, set the service status again and press the “OK” button below to start the service.

10. When these two items are set up, you can press “OK” to exit the window.

At the end of the article, the above is about the computer time of Windows XP system. How to fix the correct computer time is introduced.

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