The computer prompts that the folder cannot be deleted. What if it is opened in another program?


When using windows, we sometimes encounter that the operation cannot be completed and the folders or programs on the desktop cannot be deleted. I believe many friends who use the computer are very interested in this problem because the folders or files have been opened in another program. Let’s take a look at the solution to this problem.

Open the task manager, find the application using the folder in the task manager, and delete the folder after the process is completed.

Pressdelete, click ×, Select a folder on the computer desktop and pressDelete key deleteWhen prompted, a program opens the folder, click ×, Close the window.

Open the task manager, click performance, and pressCTRL + Alt + deleteOpen the task manager and clickPerformance.

clickCPU, click under performance CPU。

Under CPU, enter the folder name in the search handle.

clickEnd process。 Find the program to use, select it, right-click and click end process.Note that it is not explorer.exe. This is a desktop program

clickEnd the process.When prompted, click to end the process.

Folder deleted successfully. Return to the desktop, select the folder and pressDelete key, click Yes to delete the folder normally.

The above is the skill that folders cannot be deleted, which has been opened in another program. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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