The computer always flashes when opening the web page. What should I do if I can’t see the text clearly?


Sometimes when you open the browser to surf the Internet, the web page will flicker, resulting in failure to use the browser to surf the Internet normally. There are many reasons for this. The following small series will share the specific solutions for you.

Method 1: change the resolution

1. Right click the blank area of the desktop and click in the pop-up menu bar[attribute]option

2. Enter the attribute interface and click the top[setting]option

3. Enter the setting interface, adjust the screen resolution to the appropriate resolution of the computer and save it

Method 2: graphics card

1. Right click on the desktop[my computer]Options, click in the pop-up dialog box[management]

2. Enter the management interface and【Computer management]Next find【[device manager]Click open

3. In the device manager interface, find【[display card]Option, click open to check whether the driver is installed.

4. If the yellow exclamation mark appears, the driver is not installed. Download the relevant driver software, open and enter the main interface, find the graphics card driver and install it

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