The complete collection of “anti Mafia storm” was leaked, and blockchain + IPFs helped protect copyright!


The complete collection of “anti Mafia storm” was leaked, and blockchain + IPFs helped protect copyright!

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The complete collection of

Professional focus and win-win cooperation

Every day, I indulge in analyzing "who is the insider" and discussing "why only one episode is broadcast a day". The complicated plot of "anti Mafia storm" is really fascinating.! [](/img/bVcUysh)

  At the same time, the news that the full version of the sample film submitted for approval by the anti Mafia storm was exposed on August 20 was also widely spread in a short time, which not only brought great losses to the copyright owner, but also a "resource scam" in which netizens were cheated to buy the sample film.! [](/img/bVcUysk)

  The producer said in a public statement that he had chosen to call the police to deal with the infringement of the copyright of "anti Mafia storm" and firmly maintained the genuine plot.

  Coincidentally, the trailer of Spiderman: no return of heroes, which should have been released at cinemacon Sony's press conference on August 23, North American time, has been rapidly spread on Twitter and tubing before its official release. Subsequently, Sony Pictures soon took action to remove the relevant videos from the shelves and issued a copyright notice.! [](/img/bVcUysC)

   In fact, the leakage of film and television resources like this is not a new topic. From Star Wars prequel 3: Revenge of the Sith, Hulk, death squads 3, Wolverine and other blockbusters, to domestic Wukong biography, ode to joy, the name of the people, Qingnian and so on, they have been leaked to varying degrees.

    In addition to the film and television industry, the game industry also has a similar experience. EA's "battlefield" series masterpiece "battlefield 2042" recently opened a small-scale "technology preview" beta test. Although the participants in the test signed a confidentiality agreement that will not disclose the game attack content or video, there are still many game videos, streaming media clips and screenshots on the network. EA warned these leakers that they will not only be kicked out of this test, but will never play battlefield 2042 in the future.! [](/img/bVcUyvv)

   Resource leakage events emerge one after another, and the reasons behind them are different. From the technical level alone, one of the reasons is the lack of current storage methods.


Disadvantages of centralized storage

At present, the basis of Internet use is HTTP hypertext media transmission protocol, which provides a specification for distributing and displaying information. In terms of storage, the data uploaded by the owners of videos and pictures are centrally stored in a centralized server for unified hosting, which has the disadvantages of low security, low efficiency and high storage cost.! [](/img/bVcUyvA)

     In terms of data security, centralized storage can easily make data "end of the pot" - hackers can get the whole file as long as they attack a server, resulting in data leakage. Even for large companies with qualified technology, it is difficult to completely avoid attacks. The frequent film source leakage incidents are supported by Sony and other well-known enterprises.

      In case of natural disasters, centralized storage may also lead to irreversible data loss. For example, in 2015, Google's data center in Belgium suffered continuous lightning attacks, resulting in disconnection of some cloud storage systems, errors in some user data, and permanent loss of 0.00000 1% of important data.

      In terms of use efficiency, when hundreds of millions of users access a centralized server to obtain data at the same time, but the server bandwidth is limited, the platform can not bear too much access pressure, and there will be jamming, slow speed and even loss of web pages, resulting in losses to users and brands. For example, many people watch movies on a platform at the same time, which can easily lead to the collapse of the platform.! [](/img/bVcUyvE)

   In terms of storage cost, in order to store massive data, the server must be operated 24 hours a day and maintained for a long time. The purchase, operation and maintenance costs of the server are very high.


IPFs distributed storage solves the problem of data leakage

In order to avoid data leakage and other losses and problems caused by centralized storage, many enterprises began to explore distributed storage. Among them, IPFs, as a leader in the global distributed storage industry, is favored.

   IPFs distributed storage is essentially a point-to-point distributed storage system, which can cut files into several 256Kb fragments and store them randomly on each node after encryption.! [](/img/bVcUyvG)

     Different from the plaintext transmission mode and centralized storage of HTTP, IPFs distributed storage is extremely difficult to be attacked, and user privacy cannot be intercepted during information transmission. There is no "third party" in the process from "file" to "storage success", which greatly reduces the risk of data leakage and provides help for copyright protection.

     Moreover, IPFs distributed storage will ensure that enough data is copied and stored in different regions. Even if the data in one region is destroyed due to natural disasters, the data can still be completely recovered through the backup in other regions, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of data loss events.

      At the same time, compared with centralized storage, IPFs distributed storage also has significant advantages in efficiency and cost. In terms of efficiency, the existing HTTP centralized storage is that several users request data from the terminal at the same time. It may take 20 minutes to download a 10g video, but IPFs distributed storage is that several users retrieve and provide data to a single user. The same download demand may only take a few seconds.

     In terms of cost, the "sharing economy" mode of IPFs distributed storage can make use of a large number of underutilized bandwidth resources and storage resources, reduce the construction cost of centralized storage, rebalance the allocation of network resources, and reduce the use cost of user network and the cost of data storage and transmission.


Blockchain + IPFs helps copyright protection

When IPFs distributed storage is implemented in the field of resource storage and copyright protection, it should also be used in conjunction with blockchain technology.

     Yan Xiaohong, President of China Copyright Association, said that blockchain technology has the characteristics of tamper proof, traceability and distributed consensus, and has a natural fit with digital copyright protection, which greatly reduces the cost of copyright protection and improves the efficiency of copyright protection. At the same time, it also provides a new way for the storage, transaction and protection of network copyright.

      For example, in terms of certificate storage, as early as June 28, 2018, electronic data using blockchain technology has begun to become the basis for judicial judgment: in a dispute over infringement of the network communication right of works' information, the plaintiff grabbed the infringing web page and identified the source code of the infringing page through the blockchain certificate storage platform, and uploaded the two contents and call logs to the blockchain, As a "witness" to prove that the work has copyright, he finally won the lawsuit.

      In terms of copyright trading, Zhang Lili, researcher of CIO research center of Renmin University of China, said in an interview with that in addition to serving content producers, the smart contract technology represented by blockchain can effectively promote the collaborative cooperation of all parties in the industrial chain and realize the mutual benefit and win-win of online copyright content industrial chain participants.

      However, blockchain has a bottleneck in ledger storage capacity. The biggest problem of many public chains is that they cannot store a large amount of data on their own chains. After using IPFs to process a large amount of data and placing the constant and permanent IPFs link on the blockchain, the efficient distributed storage of IPFs can undertake the advantages of blockchain in data storage, and greatly make up for the problems of low storage efficiency, high storage cost and difficult expansion of blockchain. It can meet the storage requirements of large files such as massive movies and TV dramas, Crack stubborn diseases such as resource leakage and piracy.

      In addition to the field of copyright protection, blockchain technology has broad application space in public service fields such as smart city, government services, medical health, culture and entertainment, real economy fields such as supply chain management, product traceability and data circulation, as well as financial fields.

     The guidance on accelerating the application of blockchain technology and Industrial Development issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the central network information office points out in the key tasks that it is necessary to enable the real economy, improve public services, and promote the integration and development of blockchain with big data and industrial Internet.! [](/img/bVcUysf)

       In this process, IPFs distributed storage may be used as a blockchain infrastructure to support the better application of blockchain technology through high security, high efficiency, large space and low-cost storage, so as to lay a technical foundation for the high-quality development of various industries.

       Adhering to the exploration in the blockchain and IPFs distributed storage industry, smart will give full play to its own advantages and strength, promote the wider implementation of blockchain and IPFs distributed storage, and help the high-quality development of economy and society!