The company has a new 20K test, which let me see what the real test ceiling is


Today’s morning meeting at work was a meeting ceremony for new people. I heard that a very powerful boss came. He left his last company and his salary has reached the medium level. Many people are curious. It shouldn’t be easy to get this salary. Sure enough, when I introduced myself, I was surprised to see what the real test ceiling is

Automated testing, test development and high concurrency came, which really surprised us. When we asked, it turned out that there was a contradiction with the leaders in the former company, and they couldn’t stay until they left. When they came to our company for an interview, the leaders took a fancy to him, asked some questions and passed him after chatting. If people have the ability, they are different and shine everywhere!!!

After chatting with him all night, I sorted out some knowledge and technology sharing of his testing career. I hope it can be of some help to you!

Software test engineer development planning route

1、 Test basis

Understand the basic skills of testing, master the use of mainstream defect management tools, and be proficient in the operation, operation and maintenance of testing environment

steamed stuffed bun Test basis
Test plan / test case Black box use case design equivalence class / boundary value / scenario analysis / decision table / cause and effect diagram analysis / error inference
defect Defect life cycle / defect classification / defect management tool Zen / JIRA
database MySQL / environment construction / add, delete, modify query / associated query / stored procedure
Linux System setup / basic instructions / log analysis / environment setup

2、 Linux Essentials

As the most popular software environment system, Linux must be mastered. The current recruitment requirements all need Linux ability.

steamed stuffed bun Linux Essentials
Introduction and preparation of Linux system As the most popular software environment system, Linux must learn from the introduction, installation, directory structure and other basic contents of the centeros version system, and also prepare for the subsequent self built test environment.
Linux remote tools xshell This paper introduces in detail how to get started, use Linux, and carry out routine remote management and file transfer operations, including tools xshell and xftp
Linux file attributes and management Linux file, basic attributes of directory, file operation, file management, directory operation, directory management. Avoid self destructing behavior operation by all means. How to prevent accidental operation
Linux user and group management How to add, delete and modify users and groups in Linux, and give corresponding permissions, so as not to get stuck due to permission problems
Linux file editor Linux file editor VI use, command mode, input mode, operation examples, shortcut keys, pipeline commands, experience. How to edit without graphical system?
Common Linux system settings Network settings, environment variables, disk management, time settings, system resources, firewalls, everything, don’t worry, no clue.
Linux Installation Software Linux Installation commands and how to install through the installation files downloaded from tar, GZ and other networks, such as MySQL database installation.
Linux docker container Docker container technology explanation, image image management, warehouse, container creation, startup, operation, image packaging, catch up with popular technologies in the industry

3、 Shell script

Master shell script: including shell foundation and application, shell logic control and shell logic function

steamed stuffed bun Shell
Linux shell foundation and Application Introduction to shell script programming, environment type, variables, parameters, operators, use of arrays, zero distance contact script
Linux shell logic control Shell logic application, test command, process control, data input and output, script logic is no longer monotonous, playing tricks
Linux shell functions Shell script function writing method, file calling each other, script practical application, know what can be done in development, testing, operation and maintenance
Windows Script batch Linux has played enough. Let’s take a look at the usage of windows regular commands, batch scripting and practical applications. It’s not Linux everywhere. Windows scripts are also one of the commonly used scripts. You may use windows here

4、 Principles of Internet program

The only way for automation: the basic knowledge of front-end development and the necessary knowledge of Internet network. Fourth, the principle of Internet program

steamed stuffed bun Principles of Internet program
Fundamentals of web front end development Learn the basic content of HTML and CSS. Why is the test course developed? Sorry, if not, automation may not be welcome. Many automation test problems come from the development foundation
Web front end development script JavaScript is the most popular script learning. Similarly, it will also be involved in automated testing. In fact, dynamic scripts are often used in some tools, which is also JavaScript language
Developer debugging tool testing application Although F12 of the browser is named as a developer tool, in fact, testing plays a key role in both functional testing and automated testing. Such as parsing HTML, locating elements, debugging scripts, monitoring network packet capturing, etc
Internet application network architecture Through the network architecture, we can understand in detail the birth of Internet programs, logic details, how the Internet communication principle transmits data to other computers, and what is the relationship between TCP, UCP, HTTP and other protocols.
Data structure analysis of HTTP protocol Fully analyze the HTTP protocol data structure, including request, response data format, header definition and usage, what various states represent, and how to identify errors. Analyze the location of parameters in the protocol, rest structure, various common body data forms, parsing methods, and the causes of common data parsing errors.
Cookie and session mechanism What is a cookie, what is the relationship between a cookie and a session, how to test a cookie and a session, and what to pay attention to

5、 Mysql database

Software test engineers must have MySQL database knowledge, not only in the basic “addition, deletion, modification and query”.

steamed stuffed bun Mysql database
Mysql database test application MySQL environment construction, basic use and data operation of client Navicat, learning and consolidating basic SQL syntax, adding, deleting, modifying and checking are indispensable, and mastering the use methods of various conditions
MySQL advanced query Query upgrade, master multi table query, sub query, query grouping, use of statistical functions, and learn and analyze classic interview questions
MySQL custom functions Since there are built-in functions, of course, there is no lack of the location of custom functions, which are often used. Just like any development language, it is inseparable from the definition and use of functions
MySQL stored procedure sp How to define an essential stored procedure for a database, usually called SP? How to test? How to use it more safely, test what else can be done with stored procedures, and more content convenient for testing
MySQL and programming Database transaction use cases, the principle and use of index, the application of database SQL programming in testing, and how to use it to quickly and accurately generate a large number of specified test data

6、 Bag grabbing tool

Fiddler, Wireshark, sniffer, tcpdump all kinds of packet capture tools are suitable for various projects. There is always one for you

steamed stuffed bun Bag grabbing tool
Principle and mode of packet capture Only by understanding the principle of packet capture can we really make good use of a suitable tool and choose the right direction and method, otherwise it will be futile
Packet capture tool selection The classification and effectiveness of bag grabbing tools, what projects are suitable for which tools, and how to identify the advantages of tools
Fiddler basic functions As a professional packet capturing tool of HTTP system, this paper introduces in detail its tool principle, how to filter data, how to search for desired data, and how to capture packets in various environments such as web, non web, mobile phone, HTTPS protocol and so on
Fiddler advanced features Learn to use it for interface test, power failure, script and other methods to modify and replace data, simulate data for interface mock test, and create self-defined menu functions
Wireshark It is not so much a packet capture as an analysis tool after packet capture. It uses other packet capture tools integrated with the system to capture, sort and display data under each system, and has powerful filtering and analysis functions
Sniffer There are many versions of black technology packet capture tool, which is a very professional packet capture tool
Tcpdump Package capture plug-in artifact in Linux and Android systems

7、 Interface test tool

Interface test artifact, a powerful tool you can’t get around: JMeter. Small and flexible: postman

steamed stuffed bun Interface test tool
Introduction to JMeter interface testing Introduction to JMeter, environment preparation, directory structure, how to record scripts, and the use of basic components, threads, scopes, HTTP requests, timers, assertions, etc
Advanced use of JMeter interface test JMeter logic control, pre processor, post processor, monitor, result tree, how to parameterize, regular expression Association, transaction, checkpoint, etc. And lead you to practice the projects with dynamic data such as token
JMeter interface test advanced functions JMeter script thinking time, random time, thread startup interval, concurrent assembly point, online remote call, WebService, websocket, JDBC, command call, etc
Use of postman interface test tool Industry standard HTTP and rest interface test artifact, basic request, group saving, dynamic variable, script, data association, parameterization, automatic assertion, batch operation and continuous integration. The idea is similar to other interface tools to avoid flooding learning

8、 Web automated testing Java & Python

Understand the purpose of automation, master TestNG & unittest automation framework, assertion and log processing

steamed stuffed bun Web automated testing Java & Python
Automation framework thinking guidance What are we doing automation for? Save manpower, speed up, or let the machine replace manual, or improve yourself. How should we establish ideas instead of being at the mercy of machines
Java & Python 3 development environment and basic syntax The Java & Python development environment is built and the basic syntax is introduced, so that those who do not know the code can get started at the fastest speed, which is convenient for learning the content of subsequent automatic test development. The code is enough, not the more you learn, the better
Java & Python 3 collection type and object oriented development Java & Python understanding and operation of various basic types and collection data types, circular statements, judgment statements, object-oriented development, use of functions and use of classes
Selenium 3 environment and browser driver configuration The web automation environment based on selenium 3 is built, and the browser is configured correctly, so it is no longer bothered that it can’t afford the browser. Support ie, Firefox, chrome, etc
Selenium3 multiple positioning and dynamic operation Selenium 3 common positioning methods, acquisition of attributes and values, how to dynamically judge elements that do not necessarily exist, complex web page structure, elements that need multi-step operation, etc
Special case handling (JS, special controls, etc.) In selenium 3 automatic testing, common special cases are handled, such as date, control, intelligent waiting, file upload and download, web page nested structure, various pop-up window processing methods, cookie processing, JavaScript script call, etc
Use of TestNG & unittest automation framework Use of Python unittest and Java TestNG automation framework, environment processing, basic usage logic, data-driven model, database data loading, etc
Automatic framework assertion and log processing What is the most important thing in automation? As a test, of course, it is assertion. Automation without assertion is useless. How to display logs and results is the basis of automated testing
Pageobject framework design pattern What exactly does the pageobject framework design pattern do? How to better and quickly manage controls, start from here

9、 Interface and mobile automation

Professional interface call and test solutions. Build a complete web and interface automation framework, which is used by appium as a whole

steamed stuffed bun Interface and mobile automation
Interface automation scheme requests Python requests and Java httpclient interface framework are professional solutions for interface calling and testing. They are simple and fast to use. Combined with the use mode and function of the tool, they can quickly get started and operate them to solve difficult and miscellaneous problems
Web + automation framework integration Automated testing is interlinked. How to combine web with interfaces and even more test types and directions to form a complete automation framework
Appium environment setup Appium environment is relatively complex. A complete environment building exercise is conducted for Android system to solve environmental problems and carry out basic automatic operation
Combination of appium automation practice and framework The overall use of appium is similar to web automation. It guides the use of typical functions and carries out practical operation for an app

10、 Agile testing & testops construction

Uncover the mystery of testops and continue to integrate Jenkins framework

steamed stuffed bun Agile testing & testops construction
Build agile test operation and maintenance architecture What is agile testing? Why agile is needed? What are the Devops mentioned in the industry? What can testops do
Continuous integration of Jenkins framework The most common framework of continuous integration introduces Jenkins operation, permission, system management, etc., and explains common construction and operation examples
Static scan test sonar An automatic code scanning tool, which can quickly and conveniently scan the problems in the code, so as to find them in advance, unify and standardize them, and become an artifact of code testing in automation

11、 Performance test & safety test

The other side of software testing: performance testing and security testing, choose a direction and try to climb the pit!

steamed stuffed bun Performance test & safety test
Performance test learning route How to learn performance testing, how to learn performance testing, and what tools to use? Tools do not represent performance. The basis of interfaces is very important for performance testing, while tools are only auxiliary, more ideas and strategies. You won’t be in the analysis stage, but in the preparation stage
LoadRunner off browser recording theme Ie cannot start the tested website? Can’t open the browser? The program cannot be opened in the browser? It doesn’t matter. It can still be recorded, but the recording is dedicated to laziness. It plays a certain auxiliary role in learning and will also lead to an inseparable pit
Operation practice of performance test tools LoadRunner and JMeter, with the previous basic use, it is not a problem to understand scripts. With key parameterization, dynamic data association, events and logs, most scripts can be completed for practice
Implementation of system monitoring scheme Tools with monitoring? System monitoring? JVM internal monitoring? Database monitoring? What is the significance of various monitoring and how to accurately monitor data under various circumstances
Introduction to the origin and tools of security testing How should security testing be conducted and what are the classifications of security testing? What tools will be used and what are their respective roles, such as web vulnerability scanning, port scanning, system scanning, etc
Manual practice of web security testing The role of interface testing in security will not be tested manually, so we will never understand the results of automation
Test practice of security scanning tool Practical introduction and use of professional security scanning tools such as appscan and awvs
Enterprise security construction (SDLC) How should enterprises carry out security construction and formulate a safer software life cycle. From what aspects

These are high value-added knowledge!

In fact, these high value-added knowledge and abilities can be self-taught while working.

Recently, I have sorted out some software testing learning resources intermittently, which can be obtained free of charge by adding buckle skirt 946094265 into the group! The main content includes: test documents, test tool installation package, automatic test video tutorial, performance test, interface test, interview skills, resume template, a full set of interview questions and other knowledge content. The purpose is to understand the technical hot spots of large factory recruitment and continuously improve learning.