The cold winter of job hunting is coming. How can programmers get an interview with their favorite company?


Preparation for war ⾯ test

Both school and social recruitment can not avoid all kinds of tests and written tests. How to prepare for these tests is particularly important. Whether it’s a written test or
Yes, all trials have rules to follow. What I mean by “rules to follow” is that we can prepare in advance for technical trials. I’m really special
Don’t dislike the idea of memorizing and memorizing all kinds of questions in advance near the exam, which is often opposed! I think this method is particularly extreme, and it is a little
There is no such thing as a trial officer with some experience. It is suggested that you should take steps at home and keep your feet on the ground.

How to prepare ⾯ test

How to get the chance to try?
Before talking about how to get the chance to try, let’s give you the concepts of popular science / two school recruitment – spring recruitment and autumn recruitment.

  1. Recruitment (number: Autumn recruitment is more than spring recruitment;
  2. Recruitment time: the autumn recruitment starts around July and lasts until the end of October. But ⼤ (such as BAT) will start early

End, so you must grasp the time. The best time for spring moves is 3 ⽉ and the second best time is 4 ⽉ and there will be basically no more entering 5 ⽉
Spring moves (⾦ three silver and four).

  1. Application difficulty: Autumn recruitment strategy ⼤ spring recruitment;
  2. Recruitment company: the number of autumn recruitment is large, but the number of spring recruitment is small, which is generally a supplement to autumn recruitment.

To sum up, generally speaking, the content of autumn moves is obviously higher than that of spring moves.
Next, I’ll say what I know, but it should also cover some ways to obtain trial opportunities.

  1. Pay attention to the “official” and submit your resume at any time (⾛ application of the process);
  2. Participate in offline lectures and submit resumes directly;
  3. It’s very good to find senior brothers and sisters / acquaintances (and help push them inside) (it can help you avoid the application resume screening and written examination screening,

But you still need your resume to be good enough);

  1. Blog post ⽂ favored / GitHub excellent open source project (author, ⼤ insider invites you to try;
  2. Job search ⽹ stations deliver resumes (not too recommended, suitable for overseas investment);

In addition to these methods, I have also encountered such experience: some departments of some companies may not recruit enough for the time being, and then if your relatives
Or a friend happens to be in this company, and you happen to be looking for an offer, so the opportunity to try is basically available, and it is difficult to try
The degree is as common as ⼀ other regular tests are much lower.

How to prepare? Let me introduce

I would like to introduce you to the trial officer for the first time. You have a formal communication with the trial officer and think in a different position. If you were the trial officer, you would like to hear
You tried (how to introduce it? It must not be polite to say that you like programming and spend a lot of time learning
Is your hobby playing ball?
I think it’s a good one. My introduction should include these elements:

  1. ⽤ to put it simply, the main technology stacks are in areas where they are good at;
  2. We should focus on the location of the country and its advantages;
  3. The ability to highlight the key points, such as the ability to locate bugs, is particularly powerful;

Find out what questions technology may ask

If you are going to try, you should first find out what questions the technology may be asked!
Let me show it directly in the form of mind map! In this way, it is more intuitive and visual. If it is refined to a certain knowledge point, this figure is not introduced
To leave a suspense, the next chapter will introduce it in detail.
The cold winter of job hunting is coming. How can programmers get an interview with their favorite company?

From the perspective of recruitment requirements, what do you prefer (?

Let’s start with the engineers who have about two years of development experience: let’s look at the development engineers of Xiaa official, Fubao Java
As can be seen from the following recruitment information, apart from Java Foundation / collection / multithreading, these can be particularly important:

  1. Underlying knowledge such as JVM: not only understand theory, but also practice;
  2. ⾯ object-oriented programming ability ⼒: I understand that this includes not only “Object-Oriented Programming”, but also solid software design principles

Read: “after writing code for so many years, do you really know solid?” (Chapter ⼀ of our company)

  1. Framework can ⼒: not only make ⽤ so simple, but also understand the principle and mechanism! The basis of understanding the principle and mechanism is to learn to look at the source


  1. Distributed system development: we should master cache, message queue, etc. the key is to enable these technologies to solve practical problems

The question is not on paper.

  1. Good sense: like and try new technologies, pursue writing elegant code, and so on.


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The cold winter of job hunting is coming. How can programmers get an interview with their favorite company?
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The cold winter of job hunting is coming. How can programmers get an interview with their favorite company?
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The cold winter of job hunting is coming. How can programmers get an interview with their favorite company?
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